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  • Income Inequality in America

    Income Inequality in America
    Paul Ryscavage

    Paul Ryscavage, a noted labor economist, seeks to analyze various aspects of a major contemporary economic problem: the growing inequality of income in society.

  • A Prelude to the Welfare State

    A Prelude to the Welfare State
    Price V. Fishback, Shawn Everett Kantor

    Thorough, rigorous, and convincing, A Prelude to the Welfare State: The Origins of Workers' Compensation is a major reappraisal of the causes and consequences of a movement that ultimately transformed the nature of social insurance and the …

  • Korean Workers and Neoliberal Globalization

    Korean Workers and Neoliberal Globalization
    Kevin Gray

    Korean Workers and Neoliberal Globalisation will appeal to students and scholars of Korean studies and International Political Economy, as well as Asian politics and economics.

  • Organizing at the Margins

    Organizing at the Margins
    Jennifer Jihye Chun

    In Organizing at the Margins, Jennifer Jihye Chun focuses on this shift as it takes place in two countries: South Korea and the United States.

  • OSHA 2002 Recordkeeping Simplified

    OSHA 2002 Recordkeeping Simplified
    James E. Roughton

    The book follows the standards as OSHA provides them and adds commentary in order to explain and simplify. Jim Roughton provides a comparison of the old standards to the new to allow for an easier transition.

  • Cornucopia

    D. Patrick Johnson

    Cornucopia explores the health and economic implications of U.S. farm policy.

  • Gender Inequalities in Southern Europe

    Gender Inequalities in Southern Europe
    Teresa Jurado, Manuela Naldini

    Presenting studies of the situation on gender inequalities and associated pattern of work and welfare in all southern European countries, this work focuses on the interaction of the three major societal institutions – the State, the family …

  • Differences that Matter

    Differences that Matter
    Dan Zuberi

    This book shines a spotlight on the causes and consequences of working poverty, revealing how the lives of low-wage workers are affected by differences in health care, labor, and social welfare policy in the United States and Canada.

  • Unfinished Business

    Unfinished Business
    Ruth Milkman, Eileen Appelbaum

    Once the program took effect in California, this book shows, large majorities of employers themselves reported that its impact on productivity, profitability, and performance was negligible or positive.

  • A Reversal of Fortunes

    A Reversal of Fortunes?
    Rachel Alsop

    By the 1980s women made up virtually half of the East German work force. The collapse of the GDR transformed the field of work, drastically diminishing the general demand for labor.

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