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  • The Other Women s Movement

    The Other Women’s Movement
    Dorothy Sue Cobble

    In this book, [the author] retrieves an alternative tradition of women's reform that sought answers to questions increasingly pressing today: how to balance work and family and how to address growing economic inequalities. [This book] …

  • Class Struggle in Hollywood 1930 1950

    Class Struggle in Hollywood, 1930-1950
    Gerald Horne

    Publisher Fact Sheet This engrossing book probes the motives & actions of all the players in the Conference of Studio Unions Strike in 1946, tracing the far-reaching consequences of this strike & the ensuing lockout to the subsequent fury …

  • Strikebreaking and Intimidation

    Strikebreaking and Intimidation
    Stephen H. Norwood

    This is the first systematic study of strikebreaking, intimidation, and anti-unionism in the United States, subjects essential to a full understanding of labor's fortunes in the twentieth century.

  • A Renegade Union

    A Renegade Union
    Lisa Phillips

    In this book, Lisa Phillips presents a distinctive study of District 65 and its efforts to secure economic equality for minority workers in sales and processing jobs in small, low-end shops and warehouses throughout the city.

  • Between Craft and Science

    Between Craft and Science
    Stephen R. Barley, Julian Edgerton Orr

    Part craft and part science, part blue-collar and part white-collar, technical work demands skill and knowledge but is rarely rewarded with commensurate status or salary.The book first considers the anomalous nature of technical work and …

  • Coming Jobs War

    Coming Jobs War
    Jim Clifton

    Gallup chairman and CEO Jim Clifton presents his perspective on current global employment and job creation issues, how these affect society in general, and his recommendations for creating good jobs.

  • Live Working Or Die Fighting

    Live Working Or Die Fighting
    Paul Mason

    The two hundred-year story of the global working class and its many struggles for justice.

  • The Brave New World of European Labor

    The Brave New World of European Labor
    Andrew Martin, George Ross

    These essays, written by some of the leading scholars in the field, examine responses of six major European union movements to the dramatic changes in economic and political conditions in the last two decades.

  • The Ruling Class

    The Ruling Class
    Tito Boeri, Antonio Merlo, Andrea Prat

    This volume provides an understanding of what drives the formation of a ruling class, and the relationship between politics and business firms.

  • Islamic Urbanism in Human History

    Islamic Urbanism in Human History
    Tsugitaka Satō

    Covering Morocco, Egypt, Syria, Iran and Brunei, this volume explores the relationship between political power and social networks in medieval and modern Middle Eastern history.

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