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  • Cornucopia

    D. Patrick Johnson

    Cornucopia explores the health and economic implications of U.S. farm policy.

  • Citizenship Gender and Work

    Citizenship, Gender, and Work
    Robert J. Thomas

    "A convincing and original study of a system of social inequality embodied in the relationship between class, citizenship, and gender."–William Julius Wilson, author of "The Truly Disadvantaged"

  • Modernism Labour and Selfhood in British Literature and Culture 1890 1930

    Modernism, Labour and Selfhood in British Literature and Culture, 1890-1930
    Morag Shiach

    Shiach examines the ways in which labour was experienced and represented between 1890 and 1930.

  • Behind the Intifada

    Behind the Intifada
    Joost R. Hiltermann

    An examination of the local trade unions and women's organizations on the Israeli-occupied West Bank and Gaza Strip that have mobilized the Palestinians, recruiting in the name of Palestinian nationalism and providing basic human services …

  • Class Struggle in Hollywood 1930 1950

    Class Struggle in Hollywood, 1930-1950
    Gerald Horne

    Publisher Fact Sheet This engrossing book probes the motives & actions of all the players in the Conference of Studio Unions Strike in 1946, tracing the far-reaching consequences of this strike & the ensuing lockout to the subsequent fury …

  • The Political Economy of Russian Oil

    The Political Economy of Russian Oil
    David Stuart Lane

    In this thoughtful analysis, a group of international specialists explores the political and economic issues and controversies surrounding the oil industry's move to capitalism.

  • A Primer on American Labor Law

    A Primer on American Labor Law
    William B. Gould

    Resource added for the Leadership Development program 101961.

  • Between Craft and Science

    Between Craft and Science
    Stephen R. Barley, Julian Edgerton Orr

    Part craft and part science, part blue-collar and part white-collar, technical work demands skill and knowledge but is rarely rewarded with commensurate status or salary.The book first considers the anomalous nature of technical work and …

  • Coming Jobs War

    Coming Jobs War
    Jim Clifton

    Gallup chairman and CEO Jim Clifton presents his perspective on current global employment and job creation issues, how these affect society in general, and his recommendations for creating good jobs.

  • Women and Work in Mexico s Maquiladoras

    Women and Work in Mexico’s Maquiladoras
    Altha J. Cravey

    Exploring this dramatic shift, this book convincingly demonstrates how gender restructuring in workplaces and households has become a crucial element in the reorientation of Mexican development.

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