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  • The Unraveling of Island Asia

    The Unraveling of Island Asia?
    Bruce Vaughn

    Significant troubles roiling Island Asia at the beginning of the 21st century are examined in this collection.

  • Peddlers of Crisis

    Peddlers of Crisis
    Jerry Wayne Sanders

    Analyzes the U.S. foreign policy toward the Soviet Union

  • Arctic Security in an Age of Climate Change

    Arctic Security in an Age of Climate Change
    James Kraska

    This book examines Arctic defense policy and military security from the perspective of all eight Arctic states.

  • Negotiating Climate Change

    Negotiating Climate Change
    Irving M. Mintzer, J. Amber Leonard

    Reconstructs negotiations of the Framework Convention on Climate Change at the Rio de Janeiro Earth Summit.

  • International Ethics

    International Ethics
    Mark R. Amstutz

    This text presents the concepts, theories, methods, and traditions of ethical analysis and then applies them to case studies in the areas of human rights, military force, foreign intervention, economic statecraft, and global political …

  • Averting Global War

    Averting Global War
    Hall Gardner

    Articulates an irenic American strategy intended to transform disputes and avert the possibility of major power confrontation involving both clandestine and overt methods of warfare.

  • Cocaine and Heroin Trafficking in the Caribbean Volume 2

    Cocaine and Heroin Trafficking in the Caribbean, Volume 2
    Daurius Figueira

    This book deals with threats to the sustainability of specific Caribbean states in the face of the concerted threats posed by the illicit drug trade, the illicit gun trade, human smuggling and the sex trade.

  • Behind the Intifada

    Behind the Intifada
    Joost R. Hiltermann

    An examination of the local trade unions and women's organizations on the Israeli-occupied West Bank and Gaza Strip that have mobilized the Palestinians, recruiting in the name of Palestinian nationalism and providing basic human services …

  • A History of the Israeli Palestinian Conflict

    A History of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
    Mark A. Tessler

    Discusses the early history of Jews and Arabs and traces the emergence and history of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict from the early twentieth century to the beginning of peace negotiations in the early 1990s Mark Tessler's timely, …

  • Promoting Polyarchy

    Promoting Polyarchy
    William I. Robinson

    Promoting Polyarchy is an exciting, detailed and controversial work on the apparent change in US foreign policy from supporting dictatorships to promoting "democratic" regimes.

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