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  • Our Place in the Sun

    Our Place in the Sun
    Robert Anthony Wright, Lana Wylie

    The essays in this volume reflect upon the past but also explore the internal issues and external forces that will continue to influence the Canada-Cuba association in the years to come.

  • From Allies to Enemies

    From Allies to Enemies
    Simei Qing

    Based on American, Russian, and newly declassified Chinese sources, this book reveals rarely examined assumptions that were entrenched in mainstream policy debates on both sides, and sheds light on the origins and development of U.S.-China …

  • Responsibility to Protect

    Responsibility to Protect
    R. Cooper, J. Voïnov Kohler, Juliette Voïnov Kohler

    This edited volume holds the promise of ending the genocides and other atrocity crimes that have repeatedly stained humanity and aims to move this noble principle from rhetoric to action.

  • Churchill and Strategic Dilemmas Before the World Wars

    Churchill and Strategic Dilemmas Before the World Wars
    Michael I. Handel, John H. Maurer

    This volume examines Churchill's views about the rise of German and Japanese power, and how the growing armed strength of these two countries undermined the security of Britain and its empire.

  • Human Rights and US Foreign Policy

    Human Rights and US Foreign Policy
    Jan Hancock

    This illuminating study builds on a wealth of primary source evidence from human rights organizations to document the contradictions between the claims and practice of human rights made by the Bush Administrations, as well as the political …

  • Nuclear Arms Control

    Nuclear Arms Control
    Committee on International Security and Arms Control, Office of International Affairs, Policy and Global Affairs, National Academy of Sciences

  • Contemporary Israel

    Contemporary Israel
    Robert O Freedman

    Contents 1. Introduction (Robert O. Freedman) Part One: Israeli Domestic Politics 2. The Israeli Right (Ilan Peleg) 3. The Israeli Zionist Left (Mark Rosenblum) 4. Israel's Religious Parties (Shmuel Sander and Aaron Kampinsky) 5.

  • The State and Security in Mexico

    The State and Security in Mexico
    Brian Bow, Arturo Santa-Cruz

    Simply not another book on North American regional security, this volume uses Joel Migdal’s concept of "the state in society" to provide a refreshingly clear and accessible exploration of political change in the developing world.

  • China and the world Chinese foreign policy faces the new

    China and the world: Chinese foreign policy faces the new …
    Samuel S. Kim

    New to this revised and updated edition of China and the World are discussions concerning Chinese foreign policies and international relations theories, the relationship between China and the Third World, and China’s environmental …

  • The Soviet East German Military Alliance

    The Soviet-East German Military Alliance
    Douglas A. Macgregor

    Douglas Macgregor traces the origins of current collaboration to earlier forms of Russo-German military alliance.

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