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  • Hybrid Forms of Peace

    Hybrid Forms of Peace
    Oliver P. Richmond, Audra Mitchell

    This book examines the role of everyday action in accepting, resisting and reshaping interventions, and the unique forms of peace that emerge from the interactions between local and international actors.

  • What If They Gave a Crisis and Nobody Came

    What If They Gave a Crisis and Nobody Came?
    Ron Hirschbein

    A comparative study of why certain events become and are remembered as crises while others are not.

  • European Consensus and the Legitimacy of the European Court of Human Rights

    European Consensus and the Legitimacy of the European Court of Human Rights
    Kanstantsin Dzehtsiarou

    The most comprehensive and critical analysis of the application of European consensus by the European Court of Human Rights.

  • International Relations Music and Diplomacy

    International Relations, Music and Diplomacy
    Frédéric Ramel, Cécile Prévost-Thomas

    This volume explores the interrelation of international relations, music, and diplomacy from a multidisciplinary perspective.

  • The Gentle Civilizer of Nations

    The Gentle Civilizer of Nations
    Martti Koskenniemi

    His discussion of legal and political realism at American law schools ends in a critique of post-1960 'instrumentalism'. This book provides a unique reflection on the possibility of critical international law today.

  • A History of the Israeli Palestinian Conflict

    A History of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
    Mark A. Tessler

    Discusses the early history of Jews and Arabs and traces the emergence and history of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict from the early twentieth century to the beginning of peace negotiations in the early 1990s Mark Tessler's timely, …

  • Promoting Polyarchy

    Promoting Polyarchy
    William I. Robinson

    Promoting Polyarchy is an exciting, detailed and controversial work on the apparent change in US foreign policy from supporting dictatorships to promoting "democratic" regimes.

  • Forgotten Continent

    Forgotten Continent
    Michael Reid

    This essential new edition provides important insights into the sweeping changes that have occurred in Latin America in recent years and indicates priorities for the future.

  • Storm in the Desert

    Storm in the Desert
    Mark Muller Stuart

    In this remarkable book, Mark Muller Stuart QC tells the story of British intervention in Libya and the Arab Spring from a unique civil society standpoint: he was there in Benghazi two weeks after the UN No-Fly Zone Resolution was passed, …

  • Critical Security Studies

    Critical Security Studies
    Columba Peoples, Nick Vaughan-Williams

    This book is essential reading for upper-level students of Critical Security Studies, and an important resource for students of International/Global Security, Political Theory and International Relations.

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