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  • Politics and Banking

    Politics and Banking
    Susan Hoffmann

    The book concludes by examining the impact of neoliberal public philosophy on U.S. banking today.

  • Shadow Realignment Partisan Strength and Competition

    Shadow Realignment, Partisan Strength and Competition
    Albert J. Nelson

    American politics is entering a new party cycle marked by a resurgent Republican Party and the demise of the Solid South.

  • Framing the Race in South Africa

    Framing the Race in South Africa
    Karen E. Ferree

    " This book explores the political sources of these outcomes.

  • A Narrative of Facts Relating to a Prosecution for High Treason

    A Narrative of Facts, Relating to a Prosecution for High Treason
    Thomas Holcroft

  • Party Government in 48 Democracies 1945â 1998

    Party Government in 48 Democracies (1945–1998)
    J.J. Woldendorp, Hans Keman, Ian Budge

    This Handbook of Democratic Government is the first compact and comprehensive data collection which simultaneously provides comparative and complete information on the composition of governments between 1945 and 1998 in 48 countries across …

  • Dominant Nationalism Dominant Ethnicity

    Dominant Nationalism, Dominant Ethnicity
    André Lecours, Geneviève Nootens

    This book contributes to this emerging literature on dominant nationalism and dominant ethnicity by presenting multidisciplinary contributions that center on how states deploy their own nationalism, and how the state's nation-building and …

  • Thoughts on parliamentary reform

    Thoughts on parliamentary reform
    John Stuart Mill

    An argument advocating universal suffrage with plurality of voting based on education; proposing representation in government of minorities; and condemning the secret ballot.

  • The Gambia Presidential Election

    The Gambia Presidential Election
    Commonwealth Observer Group, Commonwealth Secretariat

    These Election Reports are the observations, conclusions and recommendations of Commonwealth Observer Groups.

  • The Least Dangerous Branch

    The Least Dangerous Branch?
    Stephen Powers, Stanley Rothman, Smith College. Center for the Study of Social and Political Change

    Powers and Rothman explore the impact of the federal courts, providing a brief account of the development of constitutional law and an overview of the judiciary's impact in six controversial areas of public policy.

  • The Philadelawareans and Other Essays Relating to Delaware

    The Philadelawareans, and Other Essays Relating to Delaware
    John A. Munroe

    This volume presents a varied sampling of the author's writings from the past sixty years, along with some previously unpublished materials.

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