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  • Confronting Globalization

    Confronting Globalization
    Roger Blanpain, Peter Auer

    This volume represents the first in-depth evaluation of this important report. The analyses and commentaries collected in this volume accomplish two essential tasks.

  • No clear and present danger a skeptical view of the United

    No clear and present danger: a skeptical view of the United …
    Bruce M. Russett

    Published at the height of the Vietnam War, No Clear and Present Danger argues that if the Vietnam War derived in substantial part from an overconfident and unilateral interpretation of history, that is a mistake from which we can still …

  • From World Order to Global Disorder

    From World Order to Global Disorder
    Dorval Brunelle

    From World Order to Global Disorder demonstrates the profound effect of globalization on relations between the state, civil society, and markets, as well as on collective and individual rights.

  • Globalization and the Future of Labour Law

    Globalization and the Future of Labour Law
    John D. R. Craig, S. Michael Lynk

    This collection of essays by leading legal scholars and lawyers from Europe and the Americas was first published in 2006. It addresses the implications of globalization for the legal regulation of the workplace.

  • Economic Justice in an Unfair World

    Economic Justice in an Unfair World
    Ethan B. Kapstein

    The book provides a market-oriented focus, arguing that a just international economy would be one that is inclusive, participatory, and welfare-enhancing for all states.

  • Roadmap to Bangalore

    Roadmap to Bangalore?
    Almas Heshmati, Arno Tausch

    Looks at the global issues that cause some nations to stagnate while others rush forward.

  • Reformist Voices of Islam

    Reformist Voices of Islam
    Shireen T. Hunter

    This compelling volume introduces the current generation of reformist thinkers and activists, the intellectual traditions they carry on, and the reasons for the failure of reformist movements to sustain broad support in the Islamic world …

  • When People Come First

    When People Come First
    João Biehl, Adriana Petryna

    The book demonstrates the crucial role of ethnography as an empirical lantern in global health, arguing for a more comprehensive, people-centered approach.

  • Cultures and Globalization

    Cultures and Globalization
    Helmut K Anheier, Yudhishthir Raj Isar, Annie Paul, Stuart Cunningham

    This second volume, The Cultural Economy, analyzes the dynamic relationship in which culture is part of the process of economic change that in turn changes the conditions of culture.

  • Money Markets and Sovereignty

    Money, Markets, and Sovereignty
    Benn Steil, Manuel Hinds

    In this keenly argued book, Benn Steil and Manuel Hinds offer the most powerful defense of economic liberalism since F. A. Hayek published The Road to Serfdom more than sixty years ago.

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