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  • Designing Federalism

    Designing Federalism
    Mikhail Filippov, Peter C. Ordeshook, Olga Shvetsova

    Argues that a number of institutional variables can be critical in determining federal success.

  • Scotland and Nationalism

    Scotland and Nationalism
    Christopher Harvie

    This fourth edition brings the story and historiography of Scottish society and politics up-to-date. Additions also include a brand new biographical index of key personalities, along with a glossary of nationalist groups.

  • Nature s Government

    Nature’s Government
    Richard Harry Drayton

    At the Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew, the rise of which throughout the nineteenth century is a central theme of this book, a pioneering scientific institution was added to a spectacular ornamental garden.

  • The Politics of International Economic Relations

    The Politics of International Economic Relations
    Joan Edelman Spero, Jeffrey Hart

    THE POLITICS OF INTERNATIONAL ECONOMIC RELATIONS is the first book to give students the breadth and depth of scholarship they need to truly understand the politics of today's world economy.

  • The Roots of American Communism

    The Roots of American Communism

    But Draper rescues this chapter with deep appreciation for the fact that communism was not something that happened just in Russia, but also in the United States. This is a must read for scholars and laypersons alike."–BOOK JACKET.

  • Family Diversity and Family Policy Strengthening Families for America‚ s Children

    Family Diversity and Family Policy: Strengthening Families for America’s Children
    Richard M. Lerner, Elizabeth E. Sparks, Laurie D. McCubbin

    Family Diversity and Family Policy describes the dimensions of diversity which characterize the contemporary American family and discusses the implications for public policy and associated intervention programs linked to this diversity.

  • From World Order to Global Disorder

    From World Order to Global Disorder
    Dorval Brunelle

    From World Order to Global Disorder demonstrates the profound effect of globalization on relations between the state, civil society, and markets, as well as on collective and individual rights.

  • Beyond Right and Left

    Beyond Right and Left
    David McKnight

    'Subtle, incisive, courageous; bound to be a watershed in Australian progressive politics' Clive Hamilton, author of Growth Fetish 'David McKnight gives us the tools to work out where we stand and what unites rather than divides us as the …

  • Administrative Law for Public Managers

    Administrative Law for Public Managers
    David H Rosenbloom

    This textbook focuses on essentials of administrative law for public managers and its broad, complex, and integral role in governance.

  • Responsibility to Protect

    Responsibility to Protect
    R. Cooper, J. Vo√Įnov Kohler, Juliette Vo√Įnov Kohler

    This edited volume holds the promise of ending the genocides and other atrocity crimes that have repeatedly stained humanity and aims to move this noble principle from rhetoric to action.

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