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  • Reengineering Community Development for the 21st Century

    Reengineering Community Development for the 21st Century
    Donna Fabiani, Terry F. Buss

    This timely book takes a wide-angled look at how the field of community development is evolving in an era of reduced resources, changing priorities, privatization, competition, and performance management at the federal, state, and local …

  • But for Birmingham

    But for Birmingham
    Glenn T. Eskew

    Historian Glenn Eskew describes the changing face of Birmingham's civil rights campaign, from the politics of accommodation practiced by the city's black bourgeoisie in the 1950s to local pastor Fred L. Shuttlesworth's groundbreaking use of …

  • The International Theory of Leonard Woolf

    The International Theory of Leonard Woolf
    P. Wilson

    He pioneered documentary journalism. He wrote towards the end of his long life one of the most insightful autobiographies of the Twentieth Century. This book examines the thought of this fascinating and relatively unknown political thinker.

  • Public Opinion and American Foreign Policy Revised Edition

    Public Opinion and American Foreign Policy, Revised Edition
    Ole Rudolf Holsti

    "Impressively comprehensive and current: an excellent revision of a book by the #1 authority on the topic. This new edition will remain at the forefront for consultation and textbook adoption on the topic for years to come.

  • SchlĂ sselwerke der Cultural Studies

    SchlĂĽsselwerke der Cultural Studies
    Andreas Hepp, Friedrich Krotz, Tanja Thomas

    Auf diese Weise eröffnet das Buch 'Schlüsselwerke der Cultural Studies' einen umfassenden Einstieg in diesen aktuellen und kritischen Zugang der Medien-, Kommunikations- und Kulturforschung.

  • How to be Human

    How to be Human*
    Deirdre N. McCloskey

    A witty and thoughtful romp through the profession and practice of economics

  • Negotiating Climate Change

    Negotiating Climate Change
    Irving M. Mintzer, J. Amber Leonard

    Reconstructs negotiations of the Framework Convention on Climate Change at the Rio de Janeiro Earth Summit.

  • Tchad le procĂ s d Idriss DĂ by

    Tchad le procès d’Idriss DĂ©by
    Ngarlejy Yorongar

    L'auteur se charge dans cet ouvrage de démontrer amplement le bien-fondé de la terrible étiquette d'Idriss Déby, traité de criminel invétéré, d'assassin, de tueur, de dictateur etc.

  • WMD Nukes and Nuns

    WMD, Nukes and Nuns
    William Strabala

    Three nuns went to jail — and the whole world went to hell in a handbasket. This book is about the injustice of the U.S. federal courts that sent the nuns to jail for virtuous conduct, and the public that preferred not to hear about it.

  • University Dynamics and European Integration

    University Dynamics and European Integration
    Peter A. M. Maassen, Johan P. Olsen

    This book explores the visions underlying the attempts to reform the European University as well as two European integration processes.

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