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  • For the Sake of Humanity

    For the Sake of Humanity
    Alan Andrew Stephens, Raphael Walden

    All these qualities are also to be found in this collection of essays by his friends and admirers, to produce a truly fascinating book, with new insights into many topics, and a number of chapters destined to become classics in their fields …

  • Lone Star State of Mind

    Lone Star State of Mind
    Don Erler

    Unifying themes on the need for a vigorous defense of popular government and the benefits of capitalism are interwoven with discussions of censorship, abortion, terrorism, capital punishment, and education.

  • Cartilla polĂ tica

    Cartilla polĂ­tica
    Manuel Eduardo de Gorostiza

    El oficio literario de Martha Robles (1948), incansable trabajadora de la literatura y la investigaciĂłn de temas sociales, se asoma este libro a las contradicciones del mundo de las parejas.

  • Divide and Deal

    Divide and Deal
    Peter A. Swenson, Ian Shapiro, Daniela Donno, Daniela Donno Panayides

    Taking a broad view of inequality as encompassing the distribution of wealth, risk, status, and well-being, this volume explores how institutions, individuals, and coalitions contribute to the often surprising twists and turns of …

  • Organisation of Elections by an Impartial Body

    Organisation of Elections by an Impartial Body

    Firstly, elections must be organised by an impartial body in an independent and transparent manner; this is the main message in this publication.

  • Global Transformation strategy for Actio

    Global Transformation:strategy for Actio
    Wade Hudson

    In 2000, Wade Hudson took a break from community organizing to consider with colleagues how the progressive movement might be more effective. This book summarizes his conclusions.

  • The Transformation of American Politics

    The Transformation of American Politics
    Paul Pierson, Theda Skocpol

    Representing both an important analysis of American politics and an innovative contribution to the study of long-term political change, this pioneering volume reveals how partisan discourse and the relationship between citizens and their …

  • The Art of Peacemaking

    The Art of Peacemaking
    István Bibó, Adam Michnik

    Elegantly translated by Pâeter Pâasztor and with a scholarly introduction by Ivâan Zoltâan Dâenes, the essays in this volume address the causes and fallout of European political crises, postwar changes in the balance of power among …

  • The Middle Works 1899 1924 1920

    The Middle Works, 1899-1924: 1920
    John Dewey, Jo Ann Boydston, Ralph Ross

    The forty items in this volume also include an analysis of Thomas Hobbe's philosophy; an affectionate commemorative tribute to Theodore Roosevelt, our Teddy; the syllabus for Dewey's lectures at the Imperial University in Tokyo, which were …

  • Metaphoricity and the Politics of Mobility

    Metaphoricity and the Politics of Mobility
    Maria Margaroni, Effie Yiannopoulou

    This collection of essays investigates the convergence between the postmodern politics of mobility and a politics of metaphor, a politics, in other words, in the context of which the production and displacement of meaning(s) constitute the …

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