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  • Mao

    Alain Badiou, Mao Tsé-Toung, Slavoj Zizek

    Les textes de Mao Tsé-toung, autrefois entre les mains de la jeunesse révoltée du monde entier, sont aujourd’hui difficiles à trouver, sinon presque oubliés.

  • Technological Slavery

    Technological Slavery
    Theodore J. Kaczynski

    Feral House does not support or justify Kaczynski's crimes, nor does the author receive royalties or compensation for this book.

  • A Power Governments Cannot Suppress

    A Power Governments Cannot Suppress
    Howard Zinn

    It is a personal honor to be able to say I am a better citizen because of you." —Michael Moore, director of Fahrenheit 9/11 "This strong, incisive book by Howard Zinn provides us with a penetrating critique of current U.S. policies and …

  • The Middle Works 1899 1924

    The Middle Works, 1899-1924
    John Dewey

    Spanning the crucial years of Dewey's move from the University of Chicago to Columbia University, Volume 3 col­lects thirty-six essays and reviews pub­lished at the very time Dewey deter­mined that his professional future would lie in …

  • How to Get Suspended from UKIP and the BNP in 10 Articles and 2 Tweets

    How to Get Suspended from UKIP and the BNP in 10 Articles and 2 Tweets
    Jack Sen

    I talked with Jack Sen many years ago on a radio show and we’ve been friends since. I read what happened to Jack and his family during his campaign – how his thoughts on Israel had him run right out of the parliamentary election.

  • Le journal intime d un homme de Chambre

    Le journal intime d’un homme de Chambre
    Sébastian Pirlot

    – Philippe Lorain, Vivacité RTBF À PROPOS DE L'AUTEUR Licencié en Journalisme et Communication et titulaire d’un Diplôme en Etudes Spécialisées en politique européenne, Sébastian Pirlot est Député-Maire depuis près de 15 ans.

  • The Later Works of John Dewey 1925 1953

    The Later Works of John Dewey, 1925 – 1953
    John Dewey, Jo Ann Boydston, Sidney Ratner

    Except for Dewey's and James H. Tufts' 1932 Ethics (Volume 7 of The Later Works), this volume brings together Dewey's writings for 1931–1932.

  • O desafio e o fardo do tempo hist rico

    O desafio e o fardo do tempo histórico
    István Mészáros

    Em seu livro O desafio e o fardo do tempo histórico, o filósofo húngaro destrincha o caráter imperativo e destrutivo das positivações atuais do capital e aprofunda a análise do significado histórico de sua crise estrutural à luz de …

  • Essays on Immigration

    Essays on Immigration
    Bob Blaisdell

    "The concept of immigration remains central to American culture, past and present. This original anthology surveys the experience from a wide range of cultural and historical viewpoints, ranging from the 17th to 21st centuries.

  • The Neoliberal Paradox

    The Neoliberal Paradox
    Ray Kiely

    This ambitious work provides a history and critique of neoliberalism, both as a body of ideas and as a political practice. It is an original and compelling contribution to the neoliberalism debate.

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