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  • Transformation Audit 2011

    Transformation Audit 2011
    Jan H. Hofmeyr

    We know now what the problems are and, by and large, what needs to change to address them. Courage is required now to forge consensus, to take decisions on strategies, and to start implementing them.

  • The Middle East Water Question

    The Middle East Water Question
    John Anthony Allan, Tony Allan

    In addition to explaining the particular issues of conflict in the region, Tony Allan argues that the answer to these problems lies at the global rather than local level.

  • Freedom a Fading Illusion

    Freedom, a Fading Illusion
    Charles Merlin Umpenhour

    Non-fiction, Political Theory and Economic History of how America got to where it is today and the rulling elite's plan for globalization in the future.

  • Brazil Challenges of the 1990s

    Brazil: Challenges of the 1990s
    Maria D’Alva G. Kinzo

    This volume concentrates on some of the pressing problems which are essential to understanding the questions of social and economic development and democratic consolidation; it brings together some of the best known academics in the field.

  • Don t Fix Don t Float

    Don’t Fix, Don’t Float
    Daniel Cohen, Helmut Reisen, Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development. Development Centre

    What about bands, baskets and crawls between the fix and the float corners? Answering these questions is of significance to the national economy involved and, with regard to global finance, often beyond.

  • The Impact of Preferential Rules of Origin in the Textile and Clothing Sectors in Africa

    The Impact of Preferential Rules of Origin in the Textile and Clothing Sectors in Africa
    Roman Grynberg

    Alongside the MFA phase-out there has been a proliferation of preferential trading arrangements which has resulted in new and more complex forms of managed trade in textiles and clothing.This volume of five studies by Commonwealth experts …

  • Russia s Transition

    Russia’s Transition
    Alexander Kura

    This book discusses and dissects the strategies of international institutions and donors to assist it in its economic and political transition to a market economy.

  • Out of Work

    Out of Work
    Cy Gonick

    Cy Gonick is one of Canada s leading political economists.

  • Should Differences in Income and Wealth Matter Volume 19 Part 1

    Should Differences in Income and Wealth Matter?: Volume 19, Part 1
    Ellen Frankel Paul, Fred D. Miller

    The essays in this volume assess the empirical and theoretical questions raised by inequalities of income and wealth.

  • The Military s Business

    The Military’s Business
    Mikkel Vedby Rasmussen

    Mikkel Vedby Rasmussen draws on the ideas of business strategy to argue that Western militaries need to reform in order to become viable businesses which address relevant security issues within a realistic budget.

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