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  • Journalists in Peril

    Journalists in Peril
    Nancy J. Woodhull, Robert W. Snyder

    Chapters and contributors to "Journalists in Peril "include: "The Clash of Arms in Exotic Locales" by Peter Arnett; "Press Freedom–Balkan Style" by Kati Marton; "Grim Prospects for Hong Kong" by John Schidlovsky; "Russian Reporters- …

  • Torture and State Violence in the United States

    Torture and State Violence in the United States
    Robert M. Pallitto


  • Organisation of Elections by an Impartial Body

    Organisation of Elections by an Impartial Body

    Firstly, elections must be organised by an impartial body in an independent and transparent manner; this is the main message in this publication.

  • El lindo don Diego

    El lindo don Diego
    Agustín Moreto y Cabaña

    El lindo don Diego fue publicada 1662 y reimpresa en la Segunda parte de las comedias (1676).

  • Glossary of the European Union

    Glossary of the European Union
    Alistair Jones

    This A-Z guide explains the key concepts and institutions linked to the European Union, along with brief biographies of the leading figures related to the foundation and development of the EU. This will allow students to link some of the …

  • Foundations of Public Law

    Foundations of Public Law
    Martin Loughlin

    Public law today is a universal phenomenon, but its origins are European. Part I of the book examines the conditions of its formation, showing how much the concept borrowed from the refined debates of medieval jurists.

  • El caballero de Olmedo

    El caballero de Olmedo
    Félix Lope de Vega y Carpio

    El «Caballero de Olmedo» está escrito en forma de quintilla (estrofa de cinco octosílabos en la que pueden rimar tres versos seguidos) bastante fluidas.

  • Encyclopedia of World Constitutions

    Encyclopedia of World Constitutions
    Facts On File, Incorporated

    Provides information about the constitutional history, form and impact of the constitution, leading constitutional principles, constitutional bodies, electoral processes, and key constitutional clauses of over two hundred countries.

  • Speaking Like a State

    Speaking Like a State
    Alyssa Ayres

    Examines language and culture's importance to political legitimacy using the example of Pakistan, and comparison with India and Indonesia.

  • The Ancient Constitution and the Feudal Law

    The Ancient Constitution and the Feudal Law
    J. G. A. Pocock

    Pocock explores the relationship between the study of law and the historical outlook of seventeenth-century Englishmen.

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