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  • Discovering Indigenous Lands

    Discovering Indigenous Lands
    Robert J. Miller, Jacinta Ruru, Larissa Behrendt, Tracey Lindberg

    This book presents new material and shines fresh light on the under-explored historical and legal evidence about the use of the doctrine of discovery in Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the United States.

  • Doctors at Sea

    Doctors at Sea
    R. Haines

    In this engaging tale of movement from one hemisphere to another, we see doctors at work attending to their often odious and demanding duties at sea, in quarantine, and after arrival.

  • Allies in Conflict

    Allies in Conflict
    S. Weiss

    The following study is primarily concerned with the unifying and destructive forces that affected the Anglo-American relationship between 1938 and 1944, as those involved searched for a strategic solution to the war in Europe.

  • Standort Bananenrepublik

    Standort Bananenrepublik
    Hans Christoph Buch

    Standort Bananenrepublik – das ist hier wie dort. Hans Christoph Buch gehört zu den wenigen, die hier wie dort zu Hause sind. Daher sind seine Texte zu erfahrungsgesättigt für die Klischees beider Seiten.

  • The Sailor Prince in the Age of Empire

    The ‘Sailor Prince’ in the Age of Empire
    Miriam Magdalena Schneider

    This book explores the puzzling phenomenon of the remarkable revival of monarchy in nineteenth-century Europe through a new prism: the public persona of the ‘Sailor Prince’.

  • Sugar

    James Walvin

    This is exactly what Walvin helps us to do.

  • The Imperial Security State

    The Imperial Security State
    James Hevia

    Finally, the book addresses the long-term impact of the security regime, revealing how elements of British colonial knowledge have continued to influence contemporary tactics of counterinsurgency in twenty-first-century Iraq and Afghanistan …

  • Evita

    Jill Hedges

    In this book, Jill Hedges tells the story of a remarkable woman whose glamour, charisma, political influence and controversial nature continue to generate huge amounts interest 60 years after her death.

  • Postcoloniality Translation and the Bible in Africa

    Postcoloniality, Translation, and the Bible in Africa
    Musa W. Dube, Wafula R. S.

    This book is critically important for Bible translation theorists, postcolonial scholars, church leaders, and the general public interested in the history, politics, and nature of Bible translation work in Africa.

  • The Africa House

    The Africa House
    Christina Lamb

    Then he met Lorna's orphaned daughter, so like her mother that he thought he had seen a ghost. It seemed he had found companionship and maybe love – but the Africa house was his dream and it would be a hard one to share.

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