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  • The Frightful Stage

    The Frightful Stage
    Robert Justin Goldstein

    This volume provides the first comprehensive examination of nineteenth-century political theater censorship at a time, in the aftermath of the French Revolution, when the European population was becoming increasingly politically active.

  • Censored 2003

    Censored 2003
    Peter Phillips, Project Censored (U.S.)

    Exposes major news stories ignored by the press in 2001 and 2002.

  • Censored 2007

    Censored 2007
    Peter Phillips, Project Censored

    The yearly volumes of Censored, in continuous publication since 1976 and since 1995 available through Seven Stories Press, is dedicated to the stories that ought to be top features on the nightly news, but that are missing because of media …

  • Dangerous Dossiers

    Dangerous Dossiers
    Herbert Mitgang

    Dangerous Dossiers is as powerful and relevant today as it was when it first made worldwide headlines 25 years ago: a chilling reminder of the dangers of unfettered government intrusion into the lives and beliefs of private citizens, …

  • Scriitorii ╚ i puterea

    Scriitorii și puterea
    Mocanu Marin Radu

    ÔÇ×O parte, o bun─â parte, poate chiar cea mai consistent─â ╚Öi interesant─â parte a diziden╚Ťei ori rezisten╚Ťei scriitorilor rom├óni ├«n raporturile lor cu puterea comunist─â zace ├«n arhive: Arhivele Securit─â╚Ťii, Arhivele Na╚Ťionale, …

  • Born Motherland Or Death

    Born Motherland Or Death
    Alejandro Roque Glez

    The book consist in a autobiography narrating author's life since childhood in Havana City, Cuba after being born under a Socialist-Communist dictatorship, then the years on communist boarding schools with interesting and funny stories, …

  • Polite Wisdom

    Polite Wisdom
    Paul M. Dowling

    Detailed analysis & interpretation of Milton's famous prose tract on freedom of the press.

  • Banned In Berlin

    Banned In Berlin
    Gary D. Stark

    Imperial GermanyÔÇÖs governing elite frequently sought to censor literature that threatened established political, social, religious, and moral norms in the name of public peace, order, and security.

  • Movie Censorship and American Culture

    Movie Censorship and American Culture
    Francis G. Couvares

    The eleven essays in this book examine nearly a century of struggle over cinematic representations of sex, crime, violence, religion, race, and ethnicity, revealing that the effort to regulate the screen has reflected deep social and …

  • Banned in the U S A

    Banned in the U.S.A.
    Anthony Slide

    How has America censored British films? In this original, fascinating book, Anthony Slide answers this question, making full use for the first time of the recently opened US Production Code Administration files.

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