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  • The Native Americans Who Changed the World Biography Kids Children s United States Biographies

    The Native Americans Who Changed the World – Biography Kids | Children’s United States Biographies
    Baby Professor

    A long time ago, people looked on the Native Americans because they had a rather peculiar way of living.

  • Creative Alliances

    Creative Alliances
    Molly McGlennen

    Through this work McGlennen reveals how poetry becomes a tool for navigating through the dislocations of urban life, disenrollment, diaspora, migration, and queer identities.

  • The Shadow s Horse

    The Shadow’s Horse
    Diane Glancy

    A collection of poetry focuses on the stockyards of mid-century Kansas City, where Glancy's father worked, intertwined with other verses reflecting Cherokee heritage, Christian belief, and contemplating domesticity and womanhood.

  • Coconut Milk

    Coconut Milk
    Dan Taulapapa McMullin

    Throughout the collection, McMullin illustrates various manifestations of geopolitical, cultural, linguistic, and sexual colonialism.

  • The Road to the Spring

    The Road to the Spring
    Mary Austin

    The Road to the Spring is the first book publication of Mary Austin’s (1868–1934) poems.

  • In a Dress Made of Butterflies

    In a Dress Made of Butterflies
    Sandra Lee Stillwell

    Poetry. Native American Studies. "Sandy Stillwell invites us to take a seat on that boulder by the river and listen to the water roll awhile.

  • Custodire la Terra

    Custodire la Terra
    Stefano Fusi

    Ci dicono che insieme a loro possiamo re-imparare la via dell’armonia con il cosmo e il Pianeta. Diventando custodi della Terra e tornando all’armonia con la creazione.


    June Clyder Carney

    Creative writing tends to have secrets.

  • Indios

    Linda Hogan

    Filled with powerful imagery, this poem relates the tragic story of Indios, a native woman falsely accused of the death of her children.

  • We Never Speak of It

    We Never Speak of It
    Jana Harris

    This series of interconnected dramatic monologues illustrates the true stories of frontier women and children who were stranded on and settled along the trails to the West.

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