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  • Chanson De Harold

    Chanson De Harold
    Elizabeth Clayton

    The only way to exorcise her own mental demons was to write, and write she did. Chanson de Harold is a semi-autobiographical collection of poems, written as an ode to her marriage.

  • The Essential Travis Lane

    The Essential Travis Lane
    M. Travis Lane

    The Essential Poets Series presents the works of Canada’s most celebrated poets in a package that is beautiful, accessible and affordable. The Essential Travis Lane is the 13th volume in the series.

  • Edward FitzGerald s Rub iy t of Omar Khayy m

    Edward FitzGerald’s Rubáiyát of Omar Khayyám
    William H. Martin, Sandra Mason

    The book presents the text of Edward FitzGerald’s three main versions of the Rubáiyát of Omar Khayyám, together with non-technical commentary on the origins, role and influence of the poem, including the story of its publication.

  • Sorted Books

    Sorted Books
    Nina Katchadourian, Brian Dillon

    Assembled and photographed in various private homes, libraries, and museums, the conceptual artist presents her stacks or "clusters" of books exhibiting creative and playful expressions formed with their titles.

  • Pop Poetry

    Pop Poetry
    Elie Nabhan

    From a freelance writer and reporter comes the first volume of Story Rhymes influenced by modern poetry, nursery rhymes, postcard inscriptions and popular music.

  • And All the Layered Light

    And All the Layered Light
    Charles Semones, Wade Hall

    Using the settings and imagery of his native rural Kentucky, Charles Semones creates in this new collection of his poems a world of longing and desire, of passion and pursuit, of rapture and depression.

  • We Come from the Same Light

    We Come from the Same Light
    Danielle Fournier

    To read Danielle Fournier is to plunge into the centre of a woman's heart and body – a heart that continues to beat, to search and to hope spurred on by a sensual, desirable – and desiring – body.

  • A Lifetime of Love and Other Poems

    A Lifetime of Love and Other Poems
    Don Mirabel

    This volume of "lifetime" poems traces the awakening and development of love in one man's journey of fifty-eight years through married life.

  • Euripides 3

    Euripides, 3

    What man would murder his daughter to help a fleet get out to sea, or give his wife over to death in his stead? The tragedies in this Penn Greek Drama Series volume are filled with such dramatic conflicts.

  • 10 000 Wallpapers

    10,000 Wallpapers
    Matt Shears

    Poetry. Matt Shears's new chapbook of poems, 10,000 WALLPAPERS, is a phenomenal hybrid that borrows from many genres and operates on many levels.

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