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  • When a Woman Loves a Man

    When a Woman Loves a Man
    David Lehman

    When a Woman Loves a Man is playful, inventive, and as amusing as it is clever; it is the work of a poet at the height of his lyrical and reflective powers.

  • Jerusalem Delivered

    Jerusalem Delivered
    Torquato Tasso, Anthony M. Esolen

    Tasso's masterpiece finally emerges as an English masterpiece.

  • Mornings Like This

    Mornings Like This
    Annie Dillard

    Clever, original, sometimes humorous, and often profound, this collection is sure to charm her fans, both old and new.

  • The Shape of the Dance

    The Shape of the Dance
    Michael Donaghy

    This companion volume to the Collected Poems gathers together the best of his writing on poetry and the arts, as well as a number of fascinating and revealing interviews.

  • 여우비 도둑비

    순 우리말 민화 동시집 비는 왜 우리를 찾아오는 것일까? 서른두 가지가 넘는 종류의 ‘비’를 정성껏 찾아내 비가 왜 우리를 찾아오는지 시인은 순우리말로 시를 빚고, 화가는 …

  • I fiori del male

    I fiori del male
    Charles Baudelaire

    Una nuova traduzione di Les Fleurs du mal, con testo originale a fronte, condotta sulla più moderna edizione critica dell'opera di Charles Baudelaire, che tiene conto, per ricostruire la vicenda testuale, anche dei volumi della …

  • Gelmi Bulundum

    Gelmiş Bulundum
    Edip Cansever

    Şiirler yazdım, kitaplar okudum Elime bir bardak aldım, onu yeniden oydum Derinlerde kaldım böyle bir zaman Kim bulmuş ki yerini, kim ne anlamış sanki mutluluktan Ey yağmur sonraları, loş bahçeler, akşam sefaları Söyleşin …

  • Rivers of Refreshing

    Rivers of Refreshing
    Timothy T. Ajani, PhD

    This book also doubles as a devotional, with each poem preceded by a relevant Bible verse that captures both the spirit and content of the poem it introduces.

  • This Is How We Find Each Other

    This Is How We Find Each Other
    Fortesa Latifi

    With her gift for compassion and insight, Fortesa's poems are at once both gentle and cutting. "I used to not really enjoy reading poetry. Then I discovered Fortesa Latifi's poetry, and that changed completely.

  • Antolog a po tica

    Antología poética
    Juan Carlos López Nieto

    Don Íñigo López de Mendoza (1398-1458), desde 1445 marqués de Santillana y conde del Real de Manzanares, aparece como un prototipo de magnate castellano de la época.

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