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  • Collected Poems

    Collected Poems
    Constantine Cavafy

    The resetting of the entire edition has permitted the translators to review each poem and to make alterations where appropriate. George Savidis has revised the notes according to his latest edition of the Greek text.

  • I fiori del male

    I fiori del male
    Charles Baudelaire

    Una nuova traduzione di Les Fleurs du mal, con testo originale a fronte, condotta sulla più moderna edizione critica dell'opera di Charles Baudelaire, che tiene conto, per ricostruire la vicenda testuale, anche dei volumi della …

  • Gelmi Bulundum

    Gelmiş Bulundum
    Edip Cansever

    Şiirler yazdım, kitaplar okudum Elime bir bardak aldım, onu yeniden oydum Derinlerde kaldım böyle bir zaman Kim bulmuş ki yerini, kim ne anlamış sanki mutluluktan Ey yağmur sonraları, loş bahçeler, akşam sefaları Söyleşin …

  • This Is How We Find Each Other

    This Is How We Find Each Other
    Fortesa Latifi

    With her gift for compassion and insight, Fortesa's poems are at once both gentle and cutting. "I used to not really enjoy reading poetry. Then I discovered Fortesa Latifi's poetry, and that changed completely.

  • ديوان عبد القادر الجيلاني
    الدكتور عبدالله خضر حمد

    إن الشعر الصوفي مصاحب للتصوف كعلم وصدى له، مستفيدا من الارث الشعري العربي، نابعا عن الانفعال العاطفي في التجربة الصوفية، مندمجا مع …

  • Architecture of Being Selected Poems

    Architecture of Being: Selected Poems
    Bruce Colbert

    Bruce Colbert’s powerful new poetry collection rests on realities and the art of seeing, tasting and being in this human chaos we call life.

  • Ghostlier Demarcations

    Ghostlier Demarcations
    Michael Davidson

    One of today's most respected critics of twentieth-century poetry and poetics, Michael Davidson argues that literary materiality has been dominated by an ideology of modernism, based on the ideal of the autonomous work of art, which has …

  • Obras completas de Manuel Scorza Redoble por rancas

    Obras completas de Manuel Scorza: Redoble por rancas
    Manuel Scorza

    La obra de Scorza se agiganta al paso del tiempo.

  • Cartas de cumplea os

    Cartas de cumpleaños
    Ted Hughes

    Pocos meses antes de morir, Ted Hughes sorprendió al mundo con la publicación de Cartas de cumpleaños, un libro donde se reunían los poemas que, a lo largo de las últimas décadas, le había escrito en silencio a su primera esposa, la …

  • Bright Light for the Dark Night

    Bright Light for the Dark Night
    John-Charles Stay

    This book will be most helpful to you if you: enjoy poetry and devotional material, appreciate lifes beauty and complexity, are looking to educate children by using Bible-based literature, need to receive and give hope and encouragement to …

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