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    Marcel Desportes dans cet effort magistral de translation voyait en Virgile "un Voyant" et sur tous les plans "un devancier", "notre contemporain" permanent.

  • My Life in Times and I Made It

    My Life in Times and I Made It
    Ruthie Lee Willis

    We need to grasp all our energy today. We never know when our day will come. So I urge you so plain, grab that moment and run . . . Readers Review Dear Ruthie, Thank you for sharing – Your book has touched my heart. I appreciate it.

  • Melodies of the Heart

    Melodies of the Heart
    Charles J. Stock

    Love Story: A fascinating story how family friends, who had not seen each other in fourteen years and only four times in forty-five years, began courting via email.

  • A Menorah for Athena

    A Menorah for Athena
    Stephen Fredman

    A Menorah for Athena, the first extended treatment of Reznikoff's work, appears at a time of renewed interest in his contribution to American poetry.

  • The Shape of the Dance

    The Shape of the Dance
    Michael Donaghy

    This companion volume to the Collected Poems gathers together the best of his writing on poetry and the arts, as well as a number of fascinating and revealing interviews.


    Constantin Abaluta

    Si l'on a plus ou moins misé toute sa vie sur cet insaisissable : la poésie (on l'appelait jadis la création), c'est par refus de se soumettre aux seules contraintes de l'existence et pour ne pas avoir à intégrer le quotidien cortège …

  •          е

    Анна Бунина

    «Светлое мореС небом слилось,С тихостью волныПлещут на брег,Кроткие зыбиЧуть-чуть дрожат…»

  • Swings

    Camilla Del

    From facing depressed lows so extreme that in-patient hospitalization as a result of suicidal behavior was needed, to mania so frighteningly fast paced that she married a man after knowing him only three months and divorced two years later, …

  • The Music of what Happens

    The Music of what Happens
    Helen Vendler

    This collection of recent essays addresses general issues in poetry criticism, discusses the work of major contemporary poets, and introduces the work of newer poets

  • A Posy of Love

    A Posy of Love
    Stephanie Ellis

    Stephanie Ellis is the eldest of five siblings and was born in the small town of Jhansi in India.

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