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  • Inferno

    Dante Alighieri

    The first stop on Dante's famous journey from Hell to Purgatory to Paradise, this 14th-century allegorical poem blends vivid and shocking imagery with graceful lyricism.

  • The Epic of Gilgamesh Old Babylonian and Standard versions Illustrated

    The Epic of Gilgamesh – Old Babylonian and Standard versions (Illustrated)
    R. Campbell Thompson, Delphi Classics

  • Dante s Purgatorio

    Dante’s Purgatorio
    Dante Alighieri

    Purgatorio is the second part of Italian poet Dante Alighieri's epic poem Divine Comedy and describes Dante's climb up the Mount of Purgatory.

  • The Divine Comedy Paradise

    The Divine Comedy & Paradise
    Dante Alighieri

    In Paradise, having plunged to the uttermost depths of Hell and climbed the Mount of Purgatory, Dante ascends to Heaven, continuing his soul's search for God, guided by his beloved Beatrice.

  • The Art of Love

    The Art of Love

    In lyrical, irreverent English, he reveals love’s timeless dilemmas and Ovid’s enduring brilliance as both poet and cultural critic. From the Trade Paperback edition.

  • Baldo Books 13 15

    Baldo, Books 13-15
    Teofilo Folengo

    This edition provides the first English translation of this hilarious send-up of ancient epic and Renaissance chivalric romance.

  • Poet in Killing Zone

    Poet in Killing Zone
    Raksha Rai

    Semi epic, one of the best pieces ever written by Gurkha Poets: An epic with a single theme that narrates the sense of excitement before enlisting in the army, then moving ahead to the war front, leaving behind hearth and home in a distant …

  • L Eneide

    Publio Virgilio Marone

    L'Eneide (in latino Aeneis) è un poema epico della cultura latina scritto dal poeta e filosofo Virgilio nel I secolo a.C. (più precisamente tra il 29 a.C. e il 19 a.C.), che narra la leggendaria storia di Enea, eroe troiano figlio di …


    Natasha Tsakos

    COLOURS a nonsense by Natasha Tsakos THE ART BOOK ✭✭✭✭✭Gold Winner IBPA Benjamin Franklin Digital Award COLOURS is an absurd tragicomedy for six characters.

  • The Iliad

    The Iliad

    This translation of The Iliad equals Fitzgerald's earlier Odyssey in power and imagination. It recreates the original action as conceived by Homer, using fresh and flexible blank verse that is both lyrical and dramatic.

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