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  • A Life in Orbit

    A Life in Orbit
    Ken Simpson

    I have suffered, but I have also triumphed. Here is my story in prose.

  • New New World

    New New World
    David Stuart Ryan

    They then find their way into some of the poems in this volume. Here is a land at once very old, peopled by equally ancient peoples, yet also a place where newcomers have poured in, virtually unaware of its history and presence.

  • Flaubert s Drum

    Flaubert’s Drum
    Sugu Pillay

    " Previously titled In Medias Res, the collection was Highly Commended in the 2012 IP Picks Best Poetry Awards and is a collection of mostly published poems from 1995 to 2012.

  • Non and Other Sense

    Non – and Other Sense
    Peter Heinz Wendt

    " Notes Peter Heinz Wendt, "I am 66 years of age. It is not my age, but the age we live in that is pertinent to my poetry." About the Author: Peter Heinz Wendt grew up in Berlin during the height of the Cold War.

  • Words for Trees

    Words for Trees
    Barbara Folkart

    In this Ottawa writer’s first volume of verse, there are trees, of course—catalpas on stained-glass transoms, an ever-present crabappel, nameless species in whose bare branches the winter solstice lurks.

  • The Even More Complete Book Of Australian Verse Text Classics

    The Even More Complete Book Of Australian Verse: Text Classics
    John Clarke

    Possibly the most important anthology ever published. The definitive collection featuring key works by such famous Australian poets as Gavin Milton, Arnold Wordsworth, Sylvia Blath, Very Manly Hopkins, R.A.C.V. Milne and Dylan Thompson.

  • Straggling Into Winter

    Straggling Into Winter
    Kathy Kituai

    Kituai may be one of those rare writers who reject the idea that illness and death are things that have to be worked through and then left behind; rather, by beginning and ending with winter, she suggests death and loss are where we begin …

  • Facing the Pacific

    Facing the Pacific
    Michael Sariban

    In Facing the Pacific, Michael Sariban explores the uniqueness of place and the possibilities of mystery.

  • Ninety9

    Vanessa Berry

    In the 1990s, when music was recorded on cassettes and movies on VHS, Vanessa Berry was reacting to the loneliness of life in the suburbs by constructing imaginary worlds and identities from video hits, late-night music programs, band t …

  • Invaders of the Heart

    Invaders of the Heart
    Lee Knowles

    What happens when people are called to follow new and unusual tracks, whether physical or in the mind? The secrets and motives behind the story are what interest Lee Knowles.

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