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  • Chinese Narrative Poetry

    Chinese Narrative Poetry
    Dore Jesse Levy

    Chinese Narrative Poetry brings a new perspective to some of China's best-loved and most influential poems, including Ts'ai Yen's "Poem of Affliction," Po Chu-yi's "Song of Everlasting Sorrow," and Wei Chuang's recently discovered "Song of …

  • The Selected Poems of Wang Wei

    The Selected Poems of Wang Wei
    Wei Wang, David Hinton

    A selection of definitive works by the acclaimed eighth-century Chinese writer offers insight into his mastery of the short imagistic landscape poem, his assiduous practice of Zen Buddhism, and ability to convey philosophical and sensory …

  • Malam Wabah Pada Suatu Hari Nanti

    Malam Wabah & Pada Suatu Hari Nanti
    Sapardi Djoko Damono

    Cerita-cerita yang dikumpulkan dalam "Pada Suatu Hari Nanti" didasarkan pada berbagai sumber, lisan maupun tulis.

  • Womens Poetry of Late Imperial China

    Womens Poetry of Late Imperial China
    Xiaorong Li

    This study of poetry by women in late imperial China examines the metamorphosis of the trope of the "inner chambers" (gui), to which women were confined in traditional Chinese households, and which in literature were both a real and an …

  • The Haiku Apprentice

    The Haiku Apprentice
    Abigail Friedman

    This is the author’s story of her literary and cultural voyage, and more: it is an invitation to readers to form their own neighborhood haiku groups and, like her, learn to see the world anew. ".

  • Pictures of the Heart

    Pictures of the Heart
    Joshua S. Mostow

    In this study, Joshua Mostow challenges the idea of a final or authoritative reading of the Hyakunin Isshu and presents a refreshing, persuasive case for a reception history of this seminal work.

  • Whole World is a Single FLower

    Whole World is a Single FLower
    Seung Sahn

    This remarkable Zen book is of great importance not only for the variety of the 365 kong-ans, but for Zen Master Seung Sahn's own questions and commentary which accompany each kong-an.

  • Anthology of Modern Japanese Poetry

    Anthology of Modern Japanese Poetry
    Yuki Sawa

    This collection of modern Japanese poetry presents carefully selected works for Western readers. The state of Japanese poetry in the twentieth century, its high quality and individuality is clearly shown in this book.

  • The Poetry of Zen

    The Poetry of Zen

    Hamill and Seaton provide illuminating introductions to the Chinese and Japanese sections that set the poets and their work in historical and philosophical context. Short biographies of the poets are also included.

  • PUTIKA Puisi Tiga Kata

    PUTIKA (Puisi Tiga Kata)
    Indra Intisa

    Buku ini memperkaya khasanah sastra dan geliat kebudayaan tulis di Nusantara. Indra Intisa, adalah seorang PNS di provinsi Jambi, namun hobinya menulis dan berkesenian tidak pupus semenjak kecil.

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