Books in category Poetry – Anthologies (multiple authors)

  • After Every War

    After Every War
    Eavan Boland

    They are nine women with much in common–all German speaking, all poets, all personal witnesses to the horror and devastation that was World War II. Yet, in this deeply moving collection, each provides a singularly personal glimpse into the …

  • Whitman s Dickinson s Contemporaries

    Whitman’s & Dickinson’s Contemporaries
    Robert A. Bain

    Each introduction places the poet in a literary and historical context with Whitman and Dickinson and provides a bibliography of secondary sources. This remarkable book recovers a part of our literary heritage that has been lost.

  • The Book of Urizen

    The Book of Urizen
    William Blake

    Blake's powerful parody of the book of Genesis. Full-color reproductions of 27 hand-colored plates rich in energy and monumental grandeur. Printed transcription of poem.

  • I Speak of the City

    I Speak of the City
    Stephen Wolf

    I Speak of the City is the most extensive collection of poems ever assembled about New York.

  • The Zoo of the New

    The Zoo of the New
    Don Paterson, Nick Laird

    This book is the condensed result of that search.

  • Fragments of Roman Poetry C 60 BC AD 20

    Fragments of Roman Poetry C.60 BC-AD 20
    Adrian S. Hollis

    Study of these fragmentary texts enables us better to appreciate surviving great poets such as Catullus and Virgil.

  • Emily Dickinson and Her Contemporaries

    Emily Dickinson and Her Contemporaries
    Elizabeth A. Petrino

    Eschewing such stereotypes, Elizabeth A. Petrino places the Belle of Amherst within the context of other nineteenth-century women poets and examines the feminist implications of their work.

  • Sweet Nothings

    Sweet Nothings
    Jim Elledge

    A collection of poetry about rock music includes such pieces as "Jungle Music," "Meet the Supremes," "Sound Systems," "American Bandstand," and "Elegy for Elvis" Undoubtedly, rock and roll has influenced the poets included in Sweet Nothings …

  • Love and the Turning Year

    Love and the Turning Year
    Kenneth Rexroth

    An assemblage of delicate Chinese verse which delicately explore the worlds of love, nature, and meditation. This is a collection of translations from Chinese done down the years solely to please myself.

  • And the World Stood Silent

    And the World Stood Silent
    Isaac Jack Levy

    This is a graphic picture of the anguish, doubts, fears, and, finally, a rationale for the long night of the Holocaust, with an affirmation of ultimate survival of the Jewish people.

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