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  • Mind of Winter

    Mind of Winter
    William W. Bevis

    Bevis addresses the most puzzling and least studied aspect of Wallace Stevens’ poetry: detachment.

  • When a Woman Loves a Man

    When a Woman Loves a Man
    David Lehman

    When a Woman Loves a Man is playful, inventive, and as amusing as it is clever; it is the work of a poet at the height of his lyrical and reflective powers.

  • A Companion to Twentieth Century Poetry

    A Companion to Twentieth-Century Poetry
    Neil Roberts

    This broad-ranging Companion gives readers a thorough grounding in both the background and the substance of eighteenth-century poetry in all its rich variety.

  • Beginning with O

    Beginning with O
    Olga Broumas

    Impassioned verses by a Greek-born writer are characterized by their explicit eroticism and the legacy of Greek myth

  • Different Hours Poems

    Different Hours: Poems
    Stephen Dunn

    The mysteries of Eros and Thanatos, the stubborn endurance of mind and body in the face of diminishment–these are the undercurrents of Stephen Dunn's eleventh volume.

  • A Country of Marriage

    A Country of Marriage
    Wendell Berry

    And these relationships are in turn basic to, and may stand for, our relationship to God and to the sustaining mysteries and powers of creation." Each of the thirty-five poems in this collection is concerned with this metaphor.

  • A New Selected Poems

    A New Selected Poems
    Galway Kinnell

    Contains selected poems from: What a Kingdom It Was (1960) Flower Herding on Mount Monadnock (1964) Body Rags (1968) The Book of Nightmares (1971) Mortal Acts, Mortal Words (1980) The Past (1985) When One Has Lived a Long Time Alone (1990) …

  • To Thee I Sing Aquarelle

    To Thee I Sing (Aquarelle)
    Dr. Claus

    Remember your first rose. Dr. Claus presents everlasting roses enrobed in the beauty of water colors to comfort you. Find this rose within your heart and you will know love. Read and visualize the poetry of love.

  • Thunderbird

    Dorothea Lasky

    "In lines that remind me of the way William Carlos Williams insisted that only the imagination gives us access to reality, Lasky's poems evoke a practice of living, as bloody and awful and lovely as living can ever be."—Julia Bloch, Bitch …

  • Letters to America

    Letters to America
    Jim Daniels

    A collection of poems that explore the issues surrounding race relations in American society, told from the experience of Black, Native American, Asian, Arabic, Hispanic, and white cultures.

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