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  • Imaginarium

    Claire Rosen

  • The Modern Supernatural and the Beginnings of Cinema

    The Modern Supernatural and the Beginnings of Cinema
    Murray Leeder

    The book takes up the familiar notion of cinema as a “ghostly,” “spectral” or “haunted” medium and asks what made such association possible.

  • The Nikon Creative Lighting System 3rd Edition

    The Nikon Creative Lighting System, 3rd Edition
    Mike Hagan

  • The Queer Film Festival

    The Queer Film Festival
    Stuart Richards

    This book examines the queer film festival and opens the discussion on social enterprises and sustainable lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI) organisations.

  • Laboratory Imaging Photography

    Laboratory Imaging & Photography
    Michael Peres

    A lab manual for the digital era, this peerless reference book explains how to record visual data accurately in an industry where a photograph can serve to establish a scientific fact.

  • Mastering the Nikon D500 Part 500

    Mastering the Nikon D500, Part 500
    Darrell Young

    The information in this book goes beyond the camera itself and also covers basic photography technique.

  • Fine Art Printing for Photographers

    Fine Art Printing for Photographers
    Uwe Steinmueller, Juergen Gulbins

    The third edition of this best-selling book provides the necessary foundation for successful fine art printing: the understanding of color management, profiling, paper, and inks.

  • Studio Photography and Lighting

    Studio Photography and Lighting
    Christian Hough

    This book gives clear, practical advice on how to get creative with and achieve the best from your studio lighting.

  • Architectural Photography

    Architectural Photography
    Adrian Schulz

    Moreover, architects themselves will find this book motivating and inspiring. This second edition has been extensively revised and includes 80 new images and illustrations, as well as an expanded chapter on shooting interior spaces.

  • Passenger Seat

    Passenger Seat
    Julieanne Kost

    This book focuses on those techniques and workflows that Julieanne finds most useful for her own photographic projects; in this case a series of images shot from the window of a moving car going through a variety of landscapes at different …

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