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  • Haiti Dalle macerie

    Haiti. Dalle macerie
    Carlo Cerchioli, Roberto Di Caro

  • Street Photography

    Street Photography
    Clive Scott

    Looking closely at the work of Atget, Kertesz, Bovis, Rene-Jacques, Brassai, Doisneau, Cartier- Bresson and more, this elegantly written book, extensively illustrated with both well-known and neglected works, unpicks Parisian street …

  • Mennonites in Texas

    Mennonites in Texas
    Laura L. Camden

    In this photographic tour of two Texas Mennonite communities, separated by almost 450 miles, Laura L. Camden and Susan Gaetz Duarte introduce you to the Beachy Amish Mennonites of Lott, a small community of approximately 160 people in …

  • Death Makes the News

    Death Makes the News
    Jessica M. Fishman

    Acknowledgments — Introduction — Death concealed: the picture problem — "Cold bodies are hot stuff" — Alternative images — The industry's ample access — Intentionally ambiguous images — Layers of resistance — Word versus image — …

  • The World Atlas of Street Photography

    The World Atlas of Street Photography
    Jackie Higgins, Max Kozloff

    Collects street photographs from noted photographers of cities around the world, from New York and Sao Paolo to Paris and Sydney.

  • Testament

    Chris Hondros

    In the introduction to the book, Getty Images Co-founder and CEO Jonathan Klein writes, "Chris believed that his work could and would make a difference. He dedicated and ultimately lost his life in pursuit of that belief.

  • Photography and Its Violations

    Photography and Its Violations
    John Roberts

    In this game-changing work, Roberts refunctions photography's place in the world, politically and theoretically restoring its reputation as a truth-producing medium.

  • Last Call

    Last Call
    George Webber

    This is an area that transcends place, lying between a city's mountain and prairie landscapes, a purgatory of dark and light, hope and despair.

  • Nowhere to Call Home

    Nowhere to Call Home
    Leah Denbok

    The haunting beauty of the images will stay with you, long after you turn the last page. All the profits from the sale of this book will go to the Salvation Army Barrie Bayside Mission Centre.

  • Unveiling Alaska

    Unveiling Alaska
    William J. Constantine

    Unveiling Alaska is a photography guide that offers tips for photographers venturing out to capture the beauty of Alaska. Everything from gear selection, planning, and advice on interacting with the wildlife in a safe way.

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