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  •         1982

    Christopher Makos

    Foreword by Ai Weiwei. Introduction by Peter Wise. Interview with Christopher Makos.

  • Maryland in Black and White

    Maryland in Black and White
    Constance B. Schulz

    Constance B. Schulz presents a selection of these images in Maryland in Black and White.

  • A Portrait of Missouri 1935 1943

    A Portrait of Missouri, 1935-1943
    Paul E. Parker

    One tool the FSA used to defend itself against political attacks was its Photographic Section, under the direction of Roy Stryker.".

  • A Window Back

    A Window Back
    Nicholas Whitman

    It takes us inside the studio and aboard whaling ships. These brief glimpses represent and illuminate our past, giving us a window back on time.

  • Il Mediterraneo dei fotografi

    Il Mediterraneo dei fotografi
    Charles-Henri Favrod

    It could be the appeal of black & white snapshots, or the patina of age, or the atmosphere inherent in the pictures, but whatever it is, the Alinari photographs in this volume have an art of familiarity to them.

  • In This Timeless Time Enhanced Ebook

    In This Timeless Time, Enhanced Ebook
    Bruce Jackson, Diane Christian

    Included in this enhanced ebook edition is Jackson and Christian's 1979 documentary film, Death Row.

  • A Camera in the Dales

    A Camera in the Dales
    John Moore

    When he gave up smoking in the 'fifties, John Moore was able to buy a camera with the money he saved. This book, with its 56 monochrome photographs of the Yorkshire dales and dales life, is the result!

  • John and Caroline

    John and Caroline
    James Spada

    This is a book that will tug at the heart-strings of all who remember fondly these two remarkable American offspring.

  • The Silver Age of Comic Book Art

    The Silver Age of Comic Book Art
    Arlen Schumer

    Details the achievements of an array of comics creators and the characters they created during the 1960s.

  • Lighthouses

    Julie Stetzko Taff

    Half the U.S. lighthouses shown are conical; a fifth are square; a tenth are octagonal; a tenth are cylindrical; and one example each is hexagonal and nonagonal. Nine extra-U.S. lighthouses are also included for comparison's sake.

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