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  • Photographs by Man Ray

    Photographs by Man Ray
    Man Ray

    Still lifes, landscapes, nudes, women's faces, portraits, and rayographs (photographs made without cameras) produced by Ray in the twenties and early thirties are accompanied by the comments of his contemporaries

  • Traveling the Pennsylvania Railroad

    Traveling the Pennsylvania Railroad
    William Herman Rau, John C. Van Horne, Eileen E. Drelick, Kenneth Finkel, Mary Panzer, John R. Stilgoe

    The collection includes striking views not just of railcars, tracks, and stations but also of cities, towns, bridges, ferry boats, rivers, canals, factories, residences, and hotels, mostly in Pennsylvania but with some views also of New …

  • LĂ szlĂ Moholy Nagy Photographs from the J Paul Getty Museum Volume 2

    László Moholy-Nagy: Photographs from the J. Paul Getty Museum, Volume 2
    László Moholy-Nagy, J. Paul Getty Museum

    The J. Paul Getty Museum owns eighty-two photographs by Moholy-Nagy, almost fifty of which are presented in this volume, the second in the Museum's In Focus series on photographers.

  • I Fought the Law

    I Fought the Law
    Olivia Locher

    Strange, outdated laws from each of the 50 U.S. states—some overturned, some still on the books, and some merely the stuff of legends—are depicted with sly wit by Olivia Locher.

  • Passenger Seat

    Passenger Seat
    Julieanne Kost

    This book focuses on those techniques and workflows that Julieanne finds most useful for her own photographic projects; in this case a series of images shot from the window of a moving car going through a variety of landscapes at different …

  • Light and Air

    Light and Air
    Jerry W. Cotten

    Light and Air features 190 illustrations, including 136 duotone reproductions of Wootten's photographs taken in North Carolina, South Carolina, Alabama, and Tennessee–many of which have never before been published.

  • Photo by Sammy Davis Jr

    Photo by Sammy Davis, Jr.
    Burt Boyar

    The release of this book will also coincide with the release of Burt Boyar's upcoming documentary, Sammy Speaks, created from his extensive archive of taped conversations with the star.

  • Dorothea Lange

    Dorothea Lange
    Judith Keller, Dorothea Lange

    The book includes an edited transcript of a colloquium on Lange, with participants Keller; Keith Davis, Fine Arts Programs Director, Hallmark Cards, Inc.

  • Kilgore Rangerettes

    Kilgore Rangerettes
    O. Rufus Lovett

    His interpretive photo essay in this book expresses his fascination with "the glamour of the Rangerettes' performances juxtaposed with the small-town atmosphere, football turf, metal bleachers, chain-link fences, and asphalt and concrete …

  • La Pelota

    La Pelota
    FederaciĂłn Mexicana de FĂştbol AsociaciĂłn, A.C. , Cooperativa La Joplin, Justino Compeán, Decio de MarĂ­a, Guillermo CantĂş, Luis Palma, Diego Suinaga, Iñigo Riestra, Carla Zarebska, Humberto TachiquĂ­n ”Tachi”, RamĂłn Torrente, Salvador Saura, Edicions de l’Eixample, Claudi SatuĂ©, Ricardo Baduell

    En un fascinante recorrido de 220 páginas, a travĂ©s de una selecciĂłn de más de 300 imágenes de 65 archivos de AmĂ©rica, Europa y Asia, la FederaciĂłn Mexicana de FĂştbol se propuso celebrar de forma inĂ©dita y lĂşdica una de las …

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