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  • Sorted Books

    Sorted Books
    Nina Katchadourian, Brian Dillon

    Assembled and photographed in various private homes, libraries, and museums, the conceptual artist presents her stacks or "clusters" of books exhibiting creative and playful expressions formed with their titles.

  • Reflections Through a Special Lens

    Reflections Through a Special Lens
    Stephen Thompson

    The photos of this collection date from 1952 to 2002 and were specially selected to represent the span of Jack's photographic career and to honour his own desire to publish a book of similar photographs.

  • John Vachonâ s America

    John Vachon’s America
    John Vachon, Miles Orvell

    Vachon's portraits of white and black Americans are among the most affecting that FSA photographers produced; and his portrayals of the American landscape, from rural scenes to small towns and urban centers, present a remarkable visual …

  • Lee Miller

    Lee Miller
    Carolyn Burke

    From the Hardcover edition.

  • Windows of the Soul

    Windows of the Soul
    Alexandra Avakian

    A leading photojournalist recalls her twenty years of working in some of the world's most dangerous places, including the Gaza Strip, Somalia, the Sudan, and Central Asia, in a volume filled with 150 remarkable photographs documenting her …

  • Available Light

    Available Light
    John Howard Howard Griffin

    Culled from previously unpublished material, this collection of writing and photography by John Howard Griffin was taken from the period during which he was writing and revising what would be his most famous book, the bestselling "Black …

  • Backyard Birds

    Backyard Birds
    Stan Tekiela

  • Flower Album

    Flower Album
    Dietmar Busse, Tom Breidenbach, New York Botanical Garden

    Photographer arranges flowers and the human body together in surprsing, evocative ways.

  • Prairie Gothic

    Prairie Gothic

    Individually, these works startle and challenge. As a collection, they represent a photographer’s decades-long meditation on the ever-changing face of the Canadian West.

  • Deep Nature

    Deep Nature
    Linda Scarth, Robert Scarth, John Pearson

    Revealing the miniature beauties hidden among the patches of prairie, woodland, and wetland that remain in Iowa’s sadly overdeveloped landscape, the seventy-five color photographs in Deep Nature give us a breathtaking cross section of the …

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