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  • Adobe Photoshop Elements 5 0

    Adobe Photoshop Elements 5.0
    Philip Andrews

    Packed with tips, hints, hundreds of visual examples, and step-by-step tutorials, this book shows you exactly how to: .

  • 男の子のかっこいい折り紙


  • Typologia

    Frederic W. Goudy

    The book itself, which Goudy was asked by the University of California Press to write, plan, and supervise, has been set in a type designed by Goudy and and first employed for the exclusive use of the University–University of California …

  • Mastering the Nikon D500 Part 500

    Mastering the Nikon D500, Part 500
    Darrell Young

    The information in this book goes beyond the camera itself and also covers basic photography technique.

  • Fine Art Printing for Photographers

    Fine Art Printing for Photographers
    Uwe Steinmueller, Juergen Gulbins

    The third edition of this best-selling book provides the necessary foundation for successful fine art printing: the understanding of color management, profiling, paper, and inks.

  • The American Family Home 1800 1960

    The American Family Home, 1800-1960
    Clifford Edward Clark

    Traces the development of American homes, looks at Victorian, bungalow, ranch, and Cape Cod style houses, and describes how the family lifestyle has changed

  • Studio Photography and Lighting

    Studio Photography and Lighting
    Christian Hough

    This book gives clear, practical advice on how to get creative with and achieve the best from your studio lighting.

  • FACES Photography and the Art of Portraiture

    FACES: Photography and the Art of Portraiture
    Paul Fuqua, Steven Biver

    Not only is this book the most comprehensive title available on portraiture, but it contains stunning images.

  • The Floating World

    The Floating World
    James Albert Michener

    Examines the development of the Japanese art of printmaking in the context of the history and culture of Japan

  • A simples beleza do inesperado

    A simples beleza do inesperado
    Marcelo Gleiser

    Intimista e envolvente, A simples beleza do inesperado é um tributo à natureza, um ensaio sobre a conexão entre o homem e o planeta Terra, e uma exploração do significado da existência – dos átomos ao cosmos, passando pelas trutas.

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