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  • Light Science and Magic

    Light Science and Magic
    Fil Hunter, Steven Biver, Paul Fuqua

    This book is renowned for being the book to own to understand lighting! This is better than all the other how to books on the market which just provide set examples for photographers to follow.

  • Film Technology in Post Production

    Film Technology in Post Production
    Dominic Case

    This new edition includes: * An update on all digital formats of image and sound * Revision sections on Super 16, Super 35 * Additional information on syncing rushes at telecine and to digital images * The latest telecine machines * A new, …

  • Painter 11 for Photographers

    Painter 11 for Photographers
    Martin Addison

    Whether you are new to Painter or a seasoned pro wanting to take your digital art to the next level, this inspirational book and DVD package will show you how to get the most out of Corel's powerful painting software.

  • The Art of iPhone Photography

    The Art of iPhone Photography
    Bob Weil, Nicki Fitz-Gerald

    Their site, and now this book, offer extensive, in-depth tutorials both for budding iPhoneographers looking to advance their craft, and professionals attempting to harness a new toolkit in service of their vision.

  • 100 Years of British Music

    100 Years of British Music
    Omnibus Press

    Showcased here are composers of film music, opera, symphonies and stage shows, as well as the writers behind the greatest hits of rock and pop, in superb new photographs by Lucy Sewill together with rare and unseen pictures from the …

  • Fifty Paths to Creative Photography

    Fifty Paths to Creative Photography
    Michael Freeman

    I don't agree" By looking at the work of other great photographers, as well as Freeman's own work, the book provides the reader with fifty "paths" they can explore to think about taking photos, looking at subjects from cliché to zen, so …

  • New York Giants

    New York Giants
    Richard Bak

    The New York Giants have sent more men to the Baseball Hall of Fame than any other team, a distinction that only begins to hint at the place this storied franchise holds in the long history of America's national pastime.

  • For Love and Money

    For Love and Money
    Carl Corey

    Generations serve generations, creating lasting relationships and strong, vibrant neighborhoods and rural communities. In For Love and Money, Carl Corey provides indelible glimpses of an increasingly endangered way of life.

  • Colours of Your Life

    Colours of Your Life
    Steve Dinga

    For those who are in recovery, Colours of Your Life presents a foundation to continue the work of twelve-step programs. For those seeking a deeper sense of peace and fulfillment, it serves as a holistic approach to wellness.

  • Digital Media a Visual Encyclopedia

    Digital Media: a Visual Encyclopedia
    Barton James

    THIS BOOK DELIVERS two decades — 900+ PROJECTS 500+ companies — thousands of people — an executive point summary — a revolution from analog to digital.

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