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    Andre Ruesch

    André Ruesch has been an active photographer for over thirty years.

  • Beautiful Terrible Ruins

    Beautiful Terrible Ruins
    Dora Apel

    In Beautiful Terrible Ruins, art historian Dora Apel explores a wide array of these images, ranging from photography, advertising, and television, to documentaries, video games, and zombie and disaster films.

  • Representing Ethnicity in Contemporary French Visual Culture

    Representing Ethnicity in Contemporary French Visual Culture
    Joseph McGonagle

    Representing ethnicity in contemporary French visual culture is the first book to analyse how a range of different ethnicities have been represented across contemporary French visual culture.

  • Photo texts

    Andy Stafford

    The “photo-text,” as he defines it, is concerned as much with the oral as it is with visual and written culture.

  • Faking Death

    Faking Death
    Penny Cousineau-Levine

    In Faking Death Penny Cousineau-Levine examines the work of over 120 Canadian photographers, revealing important aspects of Canadian identity and imagination.

  • Undisziplinierte Bilder

    Undisziplinierte Bilder
    Thomas Abel, Martin Roman Deppner

    Die 'Undisziplin' von Fotografien, ihre Nicht-Zugehörigkeit zu nur einer Forschungsdisziplin, führt zur Überwindung monodisziplinärer Deutungshoheiten und eröffnet neue Denkräume.

  • Touching Photographs

    Touching Photographs
    Margaret Olin

    In this beautiful book, Margaret Olin explores photography’s ability to “touch” us through a series of essays that shed new light on photography’s role in the world.

  • The Cruel Radiance

    The Cruel Radiance
    Susie Linfield

    Challenges the idea that photographs of political violence exploit their subjects and pander to the voyeuristic tendencies of their viewers.

  • The Zen of Photography

    The Zen of Photography
    Paul Lester

    This book is ready for you. AUTHOR BIO: Paul Martin Lester is a Professor of Communications at California State University, Fullerton.

  • Living with His Camera

    Living with His Camera
    Jane Gallop, Dick Blau

    A photographer offers a subtle, beautiful meditation on the art of photography and its role in her family through the casual photos she has shot around the house. (Fine Arts)

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