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  • Beyond Blood Identities

    Beyond Blood Identities
    Jason D. Hill

    In this highly original work, Jason D. Hill argues that strong racial, ethnic and national identities, which he refers to as 'tribal identities,' function according to a separatist logic that does irreparable damage to our moral lives.

  • The Controversial Kierkegaard

    The Controversial Kierkegaard

    Translation of: Den kontroversielle Kierkegaard.

  • On Settling

    On Settling
    Robert E. Goodin

    So, the next time you're faced with a thorny problem, just settle. It's no failure. "This is a profound book by one of our very best social philosophers.

  • The Individual without Passions

    The Individual without Passions
    Elena Pulcini

    This is most evident in the phenomenon of the gift (as interpreted by Marcel Mauss and his contemporary heirs), the “hidden” testimony of a desire for belonging that enables one to think of a new figure of the individual: homo …

  • The Politics and Morality of Deviance

    The Politics and Morality of Deviance
    Nachman Ben-Yehuda

    Mills' concept of motivational accounting systems is utilized throughout the text in order to illustrate how the micro and macro levels of analysis can be integrated.

  • The Oxford Handbook of Philosophy and Race

    The Oxford Handbook of Philosophy and Race
    Naomi Zack

    Additionally, the essays consider the societal limitations and structures provided by public policy and law. As a critical theory, the volume compares the study of race to feminism.

  • Defining Sport

    Defining Sport
    Shawn E. Klein

    This definitional inquiry, and the deeper appreciation and apprehension of sport that follows, is the core of this volume. Part I examines several of the standard and influential approaches to defining sport.

  • Reality Reason and Rights

    Reality, Reason, and Rights
    Douglas B. Rasmussen, Aeon J. Skoble, Douglas J. Den Uyl

    This collection of essays seeks to explore Tibor R. Machan s philosophical ideas by considering some of the basic issues with which he has been concerned throughout his long and highly productive career."

  • Epistemologias do Sul

    Epistemologias do Sul
    Boaventura de Sousa Santos, Meneses Maria Paula

    Por que razão, nos dois últimos séculos, a epistemologia dominante eliminou da reflexão epistemológica o contexto cultural e político da produção e reprodução do conhecimento?

  • I Watch Therefore I Am

    I Watch, Therefore I Am
    Gregory Bergman, Peter Archer

    Surveys the principles and systems of prominent philosophers throughout history by using television programs and characters as illustrations of their beliefs.

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