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  • Black Spider

    Black Spider
    Jeremias Gotthelf, Jolyon Timothy Hughes

    A religious allegory about morals and religious living in a mid-nineteenth century Swiss community.

  • All Things Shining

    All Things Shining
    Hubert Dreyfus, Sean Dorrance Kelly

    Citing a divergence between Western-world perspectives on a meaningful life and the beliefs of other cultures and times, a guide for secular readers cites classic works of literature to illustrate how to achieve passionate, skillful …

  • Radical Evil and the Scarcity of Hope

    Radical Evil and the Scarcity of Hope
    Martin Beck Matustik

    Opens a way for hope, forgiveness, redemption, and love to spring from evil

  • Appunti sulla questione ebraica Da Nello Rosselli a Piero Martinetti

    Appunti sulla questione ebraica. Da Nello Rosselli a Piero Martinetti
    Guido Bersellini


  • Material Universe

    Material Universe
    Ryan Roe

    The exponential growth of technology guarantees that within the next 100 years an advanced form of artificial intelligence will become a reality.It appears Mankind is compelled to create a replacement because he has yet to figure out how to …

  • Kierkegaard s Writings VII Volume 7 Philosophical Fragments or a Fragment of Philosophy Johannes Climacus or De omnibus dubitandum est Two books in one volume

    Kierkegaard’s Writings, VII, Volume 7: Philosophical Fragments, or a Fragment of Philosophy/Johannes Climacus, or De omnibus dubitandum est. (Two books in one volume)
    Søren Kierkegaard

    This volume contains a new translation, with a historical introduction by the translators, of two works written under the pseudonym Johannes Climacus.

  • It s about Time

    It’s about Time
    Bill Pearcy

    The slim volume represents a relatively sophisticated counterpoint to the idea that religious faith is antagonistic to scientific thinking.

  • A Disquisition on Religion Science and the State

    A Disquisition on Religion, Science and the State
    Christian Jaramillo

    In this book, Jaramillo proposes a new theology for life, rejects immortality after death, and unravels some of the religious myths that have created structural flaws for humanity in constructing their societies, such as the deterioration …

  • Consuming Choices

    Consuming Choices
    David T. Schwartz

    Consuming Choices considers the ethical dimensions of consumer life by exploring several basic questions: Exactly what sorts of unethical practices are implicated in today's consumer products?

  • Outreach Theology

    Outreach Theology
    III Dr Charles J. J. Jackson

    This book gives insight on how believers can do true kingdom building through outreach. Outreach Theology: guides readers on how to genuinely care for those in the community for outreach starts in your common territory.

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