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  • Why there is Something rather than Nothing

    Why there is Something rather than Nothing
    Bede Rundle

    The question whether ultimate explanations can ever be given is forever in the background, and the book concludes with an investigation of this issue and of the possibility that the universe could have existed for an infinite time.

  • Christo Fiction

    François Laruelle

    In Christo-Fiction Laruelle targets the rigid, self-sustaining arguments of metaphysics, rooted in Judaic and Greek thought, and the radical potential of Christ, whose "crossing" disrupts their circular discourse.

  • A Jewish Philosophy of History

    A Jewish Philosophy of History
    Paul Eidelberg

    Eidelberg explains that Judaism is not a religion, but a verifiable system of knowledge. Citing the works of eminent physicists from Einstein to Hawking, he reveals the convergence of science and Torah.

  • Gravity and Grace

    Gravity and Grace
    Simone Weil

    This is a book that no one with a serious interest in the spiritual life can afford to be without.

  • Rationality and Religious Commitment

    Rationality and Religious Commitment
    Robert Audi

    Can it be rational to be religious? Robert Audi gives a persuasive positive answer through an account of rationality and a rich, nuanced understanding of what religious commitment means.

  • Warum gibt es alles und nicht nichts

    Warum gibt es alles und nicht nichts?
    Richard David Precht

    Richard David Precht erklärt seinem Sohn Oskar die Welt Kinder, sagt man, sind die wahren Philosophen.

  • Kierkegaard s Writings IX

    Kierkegaard’s Writings, IX
    Søren Kierkegaard

    Presented as a set of prefaces without a book to follow, this work is a satire on literary life in nineteenth-century Copenhagen, a lampoon of Danish Hegelianism, and a prefiguring of Kierkegaard's final collision with Danish Christendom.

  • Anthology of Philosophy in Persia

    Anthology of Philosophy in Persia
    S. H. Nasr, Mehdi Aminrazavi

    The tradition of philosophy in the Persian-speaking world is extraordinarily rich, creative and diverse.

  • First and Last Things

    First and Last Things
    H. G. Wells

    In this collection of insightful essays, science fiction master H.G. Wells sets forth his views on life, ethics, religion, and a host of other moral, ethical and metaphysical matters.

  • Josef Pieper

    Josef Pieper
    Josef Pieper

    Foreward by Hans Urs von Balthasar Near the end of a long career as one of the most widely read popular Thomistic philosophers of the twentieth century, Josef Pieper has himself compiled an anthology from all his works.

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