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  • Lenses and Waves

    Lenses and Waves
    Fokko Jan Dijksterhuis

    This book discusses the development of Huygens' wave theory, reconstructing the winding road that eventually led to Traité de la Lumière. For the first time, the full range of manuscript sources is taken into account.

  • Anthropic Bias

    Anthropic Bias
    Nick Bostrom

    Anthropic Bias explores how to reason when you suspect that your evidence is biased by "observation selection effects"–that is, evidence that has been filtered by the precondition that there be some suitably positioned observer to "have" …

  • Sex Robots

    Sex Robots
    Jason Lee

    This book reveals that the way we perceive sex robots is how we perceive ourselves, overcoming the false human/non-human binary.

  • Parsing the Turing Test

    Parsing the Turing Test
    Robert Epstein, Gary Roberts, Grace Beber

    Distinguished psychologists, computer scientists, philosophers, and programmers from around the world debate these weighty issues – and, in effect, the future of the human race – in this important volume. Foreword by Daniel C. Dennett.

  • The Question of Being

    The Question of Being
    Martin Heidegger

    A fantastic read for any scholar or student interested in philosophy, epistemology, or ontology.

  • The Disinterested Witness

    The Disinterested Witness
    Bina Gupta

    The Disinterested Witness is a detailed, contextual, and interpretive study of the concept of saksin (or that which directly or immediately perceives) in Advaita Vedanta, and a fascinating and significant comparison of the philosophies of …

  • Vitalism and the Scientific Image in Post Enlightenment Life Science 1800 2010

    Vitalism and the Scientific Image in Post-Enlightenment Life Science, 1800-2010
    Sebastian Normandin, Charles T. Wolfe

    This volume presents a significant contribution to the current literature in the history and philosophy of science and the history of medicine.

  • The Legacy of John Austin s Jurisprudence

    The Legacy of John Austin’s Jurisprudence
    Michael Freeman, Patricia Mindus

    This is the first ever collected volume on John Austin, whose role in the founding of analytical jurisprudence is unquestionable. After 150 years, time has come to assess his legacy.

  • What is Life

    What is Life?
    Erwin Schrödinger

    They offer a fascinating fragmentary account of his life as a background to his scientific writings, making this volume a valuable additon to the shelves of scientist and layman alike.

  • Nemesis Divina

    Nemesis Divina
    Carl von Linné, Michael John Petry

    This is the first English translation of all the relevant manuscript material.

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