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  • Scientism and Education

    Scientism and Education
    Emery J. Hyslop-Margison, Ayaz Naseem

    The book deals a severe blow to the belief that science is a suitable lens through which to view or strengthen educational practice. "One begins this book with the skeptical belief that it can’t be right.

  • Genuine Individuals and Genuine Communities

    Genuine Individuals and Genuine Communities
    Jacquelyn Ann K. Kegley

    In this brilliantly articulated book, ethicist Jacquelyn Kegley carefully explicates and enlarges the scope of Roycean thought and shows that Royce's views on public philosophy have direct and valuable application to current social problems …

  • Sobre el poder Serie Great Ideas 7

    Sobre el poder (Serie Great Ideas 7)
    William Shakespeare

    Éstos son los mejores escritos de Shakespeare sobre el poder en todas sus formas: en el amor, en la guerra, en la política y en la familia.

  • Minima Moralia

    Minima Moralia
    Theodor W. Adorno

    A reflection on everyday existence in the 'sphere of consumption of late capitalism', this work is Adorno's literary and philosophical masterpiece.

  • The Unsustainable Presidency

    The Unsustainable Presidency
    W. Grover, J. Peschek

    The Unsustainable Presidency develops a structural theory of the office by challenging and redefining the twin imperatives upon which the modern chief executive was constructed and by applying the theory to the three most recent presidents: …

  • Hobbes

    Bernard Gert

    Hobbes: Prince of Peace is likely to become the classic introduction to the work of Thomas Hobbes and will be a valuable resource for scholars and students seeking to understand the importance and relevance of his work today.

  • G nero espacio y poder

    Género, espacio y poder
    Mino Vianello, Elena Caramazza

    Este ensayo pretende estimular la reflexión sobre el hecho de que siempre y en todo lugar las mujeres han estado excluidas del poder en la vida pública; y, aunque no todas las acciones están dirigidas a conquistarlo, es evidente que …

  • Laclau and Mouffe

    Laclau and Mouffe
    Anna Marie Smith

    Laclau and Mouffe: The Radical Democratic Imaginaryprovides both a much needed overview of Laclau and Mouffe's thinking and how that thinking may be challenged and developed.

  • Trust The Tacit Demand

    Trust: The Tacit Demand
    Olli Lagerspetz

    The author believes that this is not a coincidence but symptomatic of the irrelevance of received ideas of rationality for crucial areas of human agency. `Individualist' approaches, he argues, can be accused precisely of ignoring …

  • Masques

    David Anirman

    The work is a political polemic whose dynamic is summed up in the title: Patterns on the Masks of Deceit, Geb, the Gods of Globalization, the Horsemen of John, and the Bush Leagues.The oil bubble Already in trouble Will be remembered Just …

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