Books in category Philosophy – Mind & Body

  • Representation Reconsidered

    Representation Reconsidered
    William M. Ramsey

    William M. Ramsey reveals a radical shift in our understanding of how the mind works.

  • Cybernetics and the Philosophy of Mind

    Cybernetics and the Philosophy of Mind
    Kenneth Sayre

    This book, published in 1976, presents an entirely original approach to the subject of the mind-body problem, examining it in terms of the conceptual links between the physical sciences and the sciences of human behaviour.

  • The Unconscious

    The Unconscious
    Alasdair C. MacIntyre

    First published in 1958, 'The Unconscious' still ranks as one of the most important and clearly written philosophical inquiries into the fundamental concept of psychoanalysis.

  • How Writing Works

    How Writing Works
    Dominic Wyse

    This book is a new analysis of the process of writing. It explains how the world's greatest authors write; critiques the best guides to writing; and presents new research on creativity and writing.

  • Needs Values Truth

    Needs, Values, Truth
    David Wiggins

    For this third edition the author has added a new essay on incommensurability, in addition to making minor revisions to the existing text. The volume will stand as a definitive summation of his work in this area.

  • Restoration of Breath

    Restoration of Breath
    Sreenath Nair

    Starting from the question how breathing affects the body, levels of consciousness, perception and meaning, this book, for the first time, investigates through a variety of philosophical, critical and practical models, directly and …

  • The Nick of Time

    The Nick of Time
    Elizabeth Grosz

    In this pathbreaking philosophical work, Elizabeth Grosz points the way toward a theory of becoming to replace the prevailing ontologies of being in social, political, and biological discourse.

  • Background Practices

    Background Practices
    Hubert L. Dreyfus

    This volume presents a selection of Hubert Dreyfus's pioneering work in bringing phenomenology and existentialism to bear on the philosophical and scientific study of the mind.

  • Bellezza VeritĂ e Eros

    Bellezza, VeritĂ  e Eros
    Wilhelm Schmid

    Seguendo l’itinerario tracciato da Foucault in Storia della sessualitĂ , lavoro che ha occupato l’ultima parte della sua vita, e attraverso un’attenta lettura del Simposio platonico, Wilhelm Schmid recupera quella riflessione che è …

  • The Inner Tradition of Yoga

    The Inner Tradition of Yoga
    Michael Stone

    Michael Stone provides an in-depth explanation of ancient Indian yogic philosophy along with teachings on how to bring our understanding of yoga theory to deeper levels through our practice on the mat—and through our relationships with …

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