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  • The Universe As We Find It

    The Universe As We Find It
    John Heil

    What are the elements of being, reality's raw materials? John Heil offers stimulating answers to these questions framed in terms of a comprehensive metaphysics of substances and properties inspired by Descartes, Locke, and their successors.

  • Immanent Realism

    Immanent Realism
    Liliana Albertazzi

    To solve them, Albertazzi guides us systematically through Brentano's life and works, investigating into the inherent complexity of both his view of mental life and the related methodology.

  • La separaci√ n de los amantes

    La separación de los amantes
    Igor Caruso

    Por primera vez -aun cuando en la literatura de todos los tiempos haya sido tema primordial- la problemática de la separación de los amantes como una fenomenología de la muerte es presentada científicamente en toda si amplitud.

  • Belief about the Self

    Belief about the Self
    Neil Feit

    Neil Feit argues that this view breaks down in the face of beliefs about the self. These are beliefs that we express by means of a first-person pronoun.

  • Sehen und Begreifen

    Sehen und Begreifen
    Dominik Perler, Markus Wild

    This volume will provide new access to those debates (from Descartes to Reid) and will present these debates to an audience interested in philosophical questions.

  • Family Planting

    Family Planting
    Kimerer LaMothe

    In this passionate philosophical memoir, Kimerer LaMothe unfolds an earth-friendly vision of what love can be.

  • Youth in Contemporary India

    Youth in Contemporary India
    Parul Bansal

    This book endeavors to be a study of identity in Indian urban youth.

  • Epistemology

    Laurence Bonjour

    This book is not, however, a simple reader of the different theories of knowledge.

  • Franklin Merrell Wolff s Experience and Philosophy

    Franklin Merrell-Wolff’s Experience and Philosophy
    Franklin Merrell-Wolff

  • Philosophy of Mind

    Philosophy of Mind
    W. F. Hegel Georg W. F. Hegel

    An easy-to-digest introduction the science of the experience of consciousness as the German Idealist philosopher GEORG WILHELM FRIEDRICH HEGEL (17701831) understood it, this condensed version of Hegels The Phenomenology of Spiritwhich the …

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