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  • Converging Disciplines

    Converging Disciplines
    Maritt Kirst, Nicole Schaefer-McDaniel, Stephen Hwang, Patricia O’Campo

    This immediately accessible volume differentiates transdisciplinary research from multi- and interdisciplinary strategies, as well as from popular community-based models, and brings a uniquely North American set of perspectives to the …

  • Sinnlichkeit und Verstand

    Sinnlichkeit und Verstand
    Konrad Vorderobermeier

    For Kant, sensibility and reason are the two cornerstones for all knowledge that is possible for us.

  • When Words Are Called For

    When Words Are Called For
    Avner Baz

    Challenging mainstream analytic philosophers to reconsider basic assumptions, Baz defends the much maligned ordinary language philosophy as a form of practice that might provide a viable alternative to current work on philosophical …

  • الفردوس الأرضي
    عبد الوهاب المسيري

    نُشر هذا الكتاب مرّة واحدة عام 1978م في بيروت، ولم يُنشر ثانية، برغم أهميته الفائقة في إلقاء الضوء على مرحلة فارقة في حياة مؤلّفه …

  • Ideologie

    Peter Tepe

    "Ideologie – das ist doch Schnee von gestern": Die Geringschätzung ist unberechtigt.

  • Deconstruction as Analytic Philosophy

    Deconstruction as Analytic Philosophy
    Samuel C. Wheeler

    These twelve essays treat the thought of "deconstructive" philosophers from the perspective of analytic philosophy and relate the works of such thinkers as Davidson, Quine, and Wittgenstein to the writings of Derrida and de Man.

  • Mind Society and Human Action

    Mind, Society, and Human Action
    Richard E. Wagner

    This book seeks to show how that original humane and social focus can be renewed. The many particular topics the book examines can be traced to two central ideas.

  • More Precisely The Math You Need to Do Philosophy Second Edition

    More Precisely: The Math You Need to Do Philosophy – Second Edition
    Eric Steinhart

    This second edition adds a substantial section on decision and game theory, as well as a chapter on information theory and the efficient coding of information.

  • Ethics in the First Person

    Ethics in the First Person
    Deni Elliott

    Wild Flower Meadows and The ArcelorMittal Orbit in Pictures, Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, East London, Olympic Games, London 2012, 5 August.

  • Lonergan on Philosophic Pluralism

    Lonergan on Philosophic Pluralism
    Gerard Walmsley

    Gerard Walmsley examines Lonergan's many discussions of the different forms of human consciousness, as well as his sustained responses to the problems raised by philosophical and cultural pluralism.

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