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  • Minima Moralia

    Minima Moralia
    Theodor W. Adorno

    A reflection on everyday existence in the 'sphere of consumption of late capitalism', this work is Adorno's literary and philosophical masterpiece.

  • Ursachen versus Gr√ nde

    Ursachen versus Gr√ľnde
    Markus Andreas Mayer

    Diese Untersuchung hat die Klärung der Frage, inwieweit die naturwissenschaftlichen Ergebnisse der Neurobiologen Auswirkungen auf die philosophische Debatte um die Willensfreiheit haben können, zum Thema.

  • Ontological Humility

    Ontological Humility
    Nancy J. Holland

    Explores ontological humility in the history of philosophy, from Descartes to contemporary gender and race theory.

  • Introduction to the Human Sciences

    Introduction to the Human Sciences
    Wilhelm Dilthey, Ramon J. Betanzos

    This book is a pioneering effort to elaborate a general theory of the human sciences, especially history, and to distinguish these sciences radically from the field of natural sciences.

  • Heidegger and Plato

    Heidegger and Plato
    Catalin Partenie, Tom Rockmore

    The authors of this volume consider Heidegger's thought in relation to Plato before and after the "Kehre" or turn.

  • Harvey Sacks

    Harvey Sacks
    David Silverman

    Although he published relatively little in his lifetime, Harvey Sacks's lectures and papers were influential in sociology and sociolinguistics and played a major role in the development of ethnomethodology and conversation analysis.

  • Introduction to Modernity

    Introduction to Modernity
    Henri Lefebvre

    Essential reading for all students of European cultural history, and a key text for Marxism in the post-Communist world of the late twentieth century.

  • Reading Ranciere

    Reading Ranciere
    Paul Bowman, Richard Stamp

    Reading Rancière brings together leading international scholars in the first sustained critical exploration of Rancière's work on politics, aesthetics and philosophy in English.

  • Blackfoot Physics

    Blackfoot Physics
    F. David Peat

    Blackfoot Physics is the account of his discoveries.

  • Essays

    Ralph Waldo Emerson

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