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  • The Conception of Punishment in Early Indian Literature

    The Conception of Punishment in Early Indian Literature
    Terence Day

    He shows that the conception is “the totality of correction principles, powers, agents, processes, and operations through which acts contrary to the Universal Order are counteracted and compensated.” The volume contains extensive …

  • Happiness and the Art of Being

    Happiness and the Art of Being
    Michael James

    An in-depth study of the philosophy, science and art of true self-knowledge taught by Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi, giving detailed guidance on the practice of self-investigation (atma-vichara), 'Who am I?'

  • A Study in the Dialectics of Spho a

    A Study in the Dialectics of Sphoṭa
    Gaurinath Bhattacharyya Shastri

    Preface, Abbreviations, PART ONE: Introduction, Historical Overview, Abhidharma Developments, Epistemology, Logic and Language, PART TWO: Summaries of Works, Endnotes, Glossary, Index.

  • Dilemmas of Life and Death

    Dilemmas of Life and Death
    S. Cromwell Crawford

    This is a breakthrough work expanding the debate of the dilemmas of life and death in contemporary American society by carrying it beyond the insights of Western religious and philosophic thought to include ethical perspectives of the Hindu …

  • Essays in Indian Philosophy Religion and Literature

    Essays in Indian Philosophy, Religion and Literature
    Piotr Balcerowicz, Marek Mejor

    The issues discussed in the essays pertain to various aspects of Indian culture.

  • Samkara s Advaita Ved nta

    Samkara’s Advaita Vedānta
    Jacqueline Suthren Hirst

    A great Indian Vedantin brahmin, Samkara was primarily a commentator on the sacred texts of the Vedas and a teacher in the Advaitin teaching line. This book serves as an introduction to Samkara's thought which takes this as a central theme.

  • Being With Dying

    Being With Dying
    Sarayu Kimberley Johnson, Amma

    Drawing On Amma’s Teachings And The Author’s Firsthand Experiences Of Serving As A Hospital Chaplain, Being With Dying Addresses Our Fears And Reveals How Being With Our Loved Ones During The Process Of Dying Can Be A Profound Spiritual …

  • Rudraksha Seeds Of Compassion

    Rudraksha: Seeds Of Compassion
    Dr. Nibodhi Haas

    There Is One Truth That Shines Through All Of Creation.

  • The Nyaya sutra

    The Nyaya-sutra
    Matthew Dasti, Stephen Phillips

    Often translated simply as "logic," the Sanskrit word nyāya means "rule of reasoning" or "method of reasoning.

  • The Life Divine

    The Life Divine
    Sri Aurobindo

    The Life Divine explores for the Modern mind the great streams of Indian metaphysical thought, reconciling the truths behind each and from this synthesis extends in terms of consciousness the concept of evolution.

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