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  • Eden s Garden Rethinking Sin and Evil in an Era of Scientific Promise

    Eden’s Garden : Rethinking Sin and Evil in an Era of Scientific Promise
    Richard J. Coleman

    This work is not an anti-science polemic, but rather an argument to show how sin and evil can make sense to the nonreligious mind, and how it is valuable to make sense of such phenomena.

  • Evil and Christian Ethics

    Evil and Christian Ethics
    Gordon Graham

    This book interconnects contemporary moral philosophy with recent work in New Testament scholarship.

  • German Idealism

    German Idealism
    Frederick C. BEISER

    I learned something from this book on almost every page…For anyone at all seriously interested in the topic this is now the place to start. –Michael Rosen, Times Literary Supplement

  • Open Wounds

    Open Wounds
    David Patterson

    In this book, David Patterson sets out to describe why Jews must live — but especially think — in a way that is distinctly Jewish.

  • The Traveler

    The Traveler
    Richard Palmer

    The poetic journey of The Traveler speaks to all who strive to realize what it means to be truly human and to any human individual who demands of him or herself the courage to undertake this journey.

  • The World of Unicellular

    The World of Unicellular
    Oleg Seriy, Maricabo, Super Aliens, Олег Серый, Марицабо

    Oleg Seriy’ deeper and radical thoughts admire with the completeness and innovation. This book is really stunning from the point of view of sense and the maintenance. The idea, that people are morons, is very courageous statement.

  • The Nature of Intrinsic Value

    The Nature of Intrinsic Value
    Michael J. Zimmerman

    This book investigates the nature of intrinsic value: just what it is for something to be valuable for its own sake, just what sort of thing can have such value, just how such a value is to be computed.

  • The Culture of Make Believe

    The Culture of Make Believe
    Derrick Jensen

    Examines the dark heart of human civilization and the atrocities that frequently characterize culture from historical, philosophical, and political perspectives in a study of genocide, environmental destruction, and other cruelties.

  • Earthly Paradise

    Earthly Paradise
    Milad Doueihi

    In Earthly Paradise, Milad Doueihi contemplates key moments in the philosophical reception and uses of Paradise, marked by the rise of critical and historical methods in the Early Modern period.

  • Is Nature Ever Evil

    Is Nature Ever Evil?
    Willem B. Drees

    Is Nature Ever Evil?, considers the different ways in which reality is understood between the disciplines of ethics, religion and science focusing on the ethical evaluation of nature itself.

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