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  • The Universe As We Find It

    The Universe As We Find It
    John Heil

    What are the elements of being, reality's raw materials? John Heil offers stimulating answers to these questions framed in terms of a comprehensive metaphysics of substances and properties inspired by Descartes, Locke, and their successors.

  • Immanent Realism

    Immanent Realism
    Liliana Albertazzi

    To solve them, Albertazzi guides us systematically through Brentano's life and works, investigating into the inherent complexity of both his view of mental life and the related methodology.

  • The Meaning of Relativity

    The Meaning of Relativity
    Albert Einstein

    The world would be a very different place if it were not for Albert Einstein.

  • Introduction to Modernity

    Introduction to Modernity
    Henri Lefebvre

    Essential reading for all students of European cultural history, and a key text for Marxism in the post-Communist world of the late twentieth century.

  • God

    William J. O’Malley

  • Losing Moses on the Freeway

    Losing Moses on the Freeway
    Chris Hedges

    In this fierce, articulate narrative, Hedges, who graduated from seminary at Harvard Divinity School, looks through the lens of each commandment to examine the moral ruin of American society.

  • EPZ Truth and Method

    EPZ Truth and Method
    Hans-Georg Gadamer, Joel Weinsheimer, Donald G. Marshall

    Written in the 1960s, TRUTH AND METHOD is Gadamer's magnum opus.

  • Family Diversity and Family Policy Strengthening Families for America‚ s Children

    Family Diversity and Family Policy: Strengthening Families for America’s Children
    Richard M. Lerner, Elizabeth E. Sparks, Laurie D. McCubbin

    Family Diversity and Family Policy describes the dimensions of diversity which characterize the contemporary American family and discusses the implications for public policy and associated intervention programs linked to this diversity.

  • Scientific Racism in Modern South Africa

    Scientific Racism in Modern South Africa
    Saul Dubow

    This is the first full-length study of the history of intellectual and scientific racism in modern South Africa.

  • Species of Mind

    Species of Mind
    Colin Allen, Marc Bekoff

    This interdiscipinary approach reveals flaws in common objections to the view that animals have minds. The heart of the book is this reciprocal relationship between philosophical theories of mind and empirical studies of animal cognition.

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