Books in category Philosophy – Free Will & Determinism

  • An Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding

    An Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding
    David Hume

    An Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding is the thesis of a thinker who was a scientist, psychologist, metaphysician, and skeptic who continues to fascinate contemporary minds.

  • The Free Will Delusion

    The Free Will Delusion
    James B. Miles

    Poverty is not accident, but design. We are not all equal before the law. And the central message of contemporary ethics is that only some people matter.

  • The Non reality of Free Will

    The Non-reality of Free Will
    Richard Double

    The traditional disputants in the free will discussion–the libertarian, soft determinist, and hard determinist–agree that free will is a coherent concept, while disagreeing on how the concept might be satisfied and whether it can, in fact …

  • Things that Happen Because They Should

    Things that Happen Because They Should
    Rowland Stout

    Philosophers have usually argued that the right way to explain people's actions is in terms of their beliefs and intentions rather than in terms of objective facts. Rowland Stout takes the opposite line in his account of action.

  • Leibniz

    Donald Rutherford, J. A. Cover

    New essays offer an overview of current research into Leibniz' metaphysics, situating this distinctive philosophy of nature.

  • The Essential Nietzsche

    The Essential Nietzsche
    Friedrich Nietzsche

    An expert on Nietzsche presents highlights from The Birth of Tragedy, Thus Spake Zarathustra, Beyond Good and Evil, and other works, and explains their significance to modern readers.

  • Moral Cultivation

    Moral Cultivation

    In explaining this issue, the authors collected in this book bring to bear various traditions of moral thought to address questions about what constitutes moral cultivation and what resources and methods we have at our disposal for engaging …

  • Freedom and Determinism

    Freedom and Determinism
    Joseph Keim Campbell, David Shier

    A state-of-the-art collection of previously unpublished essays on the topics of determinism, free will, moral responsibility, and action theory, written by some of the most important figures in these fields of study.

  • Chance and Temporal Asymmetry

    Chance and Temporal Asymmetry
    Alastair Wilson

    This volume presents twelve original essays on the metaphysics of science, with particular focus on the physics of chance and time.

  • Three Philosophical Dialogues

    Three Philosophical Dialogues
    Saint Anselm, Thomas Williams

    In these three dialogues, renowned for their dialectical structure and linguistic precision, Anselm sets out his classic account of the relationship between freedom and sin-its linchpin his definition of freedom of choice as 'the power to …

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