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  • Upanisads

    Daniel de Palma

    Escritas en forma de breves diálogos y aforismos enigmáticos, los textos de las upanisads se dirigen al espíritu del hombre con el fin de iniciarlo en los fines últimos del conocimiento sagrado de la India.

  • Wilhelm Dilthey

    Wilhelm Dilthey
    I.N. Bulhof

    Philosophy originates in man's amazement over the richness and complexity of reality.

  • Interpretive Reasoning

    Interpretive Reasoning
    Laurent Stern

    Although this is a book in philosophy, scholars and students in the humanities, the social sciences, and disciplines concerned with interpretive reasoning can read it profitably.

  • Albert Camus Eine Philosophie des Absurden

    Albert Camus: Eine Philosophie des Absurden
    Tobias Heimpel

    Studienarbeit aus dem Jahr 2010 im Fachbereich Ethik, Note: 1,0, Katholische Hochschule Freiburg, ehem.

  • Applied Ethics

    Applied Ethics
    Michael Schwartz, Howard Harris

    The late Patrick Primeaux, a past editor of this series, was an outstanding teacher of business ethics and a longtime chair of the Theology Department at St John's University in New York City.

  • International Ethics

    International Ethics
    Richard Shapcott

    `Richard Shapcott has produced a thoughtful, lively and stimulating account of international ethics that speaks directly to contemporary audiences.

  • Good and Evil

    Good and Evil
    Raimond Gaita

    This revised edition of Good and Evil includes a substantial new preface and afterword by the author.

  • The Subject of Virtue

    The Subject of Virtue
    James Laidlaw

    This book argues that it represents not just a new subfield within anthropology but a conceptual renewal of the discipline as a whole, enabling it to take account of a major dimension of human conduct which social theory has so far failed …

  • Plutarch s Lives Volume 2

    Plutarch’s Lives, Volume 2

    The present translation, originally published in 1683 in conjunction with a life of Plutarch by John Dryden, was revised in 1864 by the poet and scholar Arthur Hugh Clough, whose notes and preface are also included in this edition.

  • Ethical Issues in Youth Work

    Ethical Issues in Youth Work
    Sarah Banks

    Ethical Issues in Youth Work offers a timely and unique insight into both the dilemmas of youth work practice and some of the more recent challenges faced by youth workers and all those working with young people in the light of current …

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