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  • The Heart of Nature Or The Quest for Natural Beauty

    The Heart of Nature: Or, The Quest for Natural Beauty
    Francis Younghusband

    This early work by Francis Younghusband was originally published in 1921 and we are now republishing it with a brand new introductory biography.

  • Psych and Philosophy

    Psych and Philosophy
    Robert Arp

    Discussing the philosophical issues raised by a fake psychic, this book reveals that the hit TV show has much to tell us about human ways of coping with death, as well as the problem of justified knowledge, the ethics of law enforcement, …

  • Perdonen las molestias

    Perdonen las molestias
    Fernando Savater

    Desde el asesinato de Miguel Ángel Blanco hasta nuestros días, reúne los artículos -a la vez combativos y explicativos- publicados por Fernando Savater sobre el terrorismo nacionalista en el País Vasco, así como el debate polémico de …

  • On Awareness

    On Awareness
    Nicholas J. Pappas

    The reader of this book is invited to enjoy a tasty feast of bite-sized philosophical dialogues.

  • I Watch Therefore I Am

    I Watch, Therefore I Am
    Gregory Bergman, Peter Archer

    Surveys the principles and systems of prominent philosophers throughout history by using television programs and characters as illustrations of their beliefs.

  • Introduzione a Darwin

    Introduzione a Darwin
    Telmo Pievani

    Il tutto in un uomo solo, che forse non cercava tanto».Telmo Pievani racconta l'affascinante e rocambolesca vita dello scienziato che con la sua teoria dell'evoluzione per selezione naturale ha cambiato per sempre la nostra concezione del …

  • Letters to Sofia about Happiness

    Letters to Sofia about Happiness
    Raffaele Tamborrino

    In Letters to Sofia about Happiness, the author explains, with simple language and a practical approach, the thoughts of these leading philosophers of Athens with the intention of demonstrating the accessibility of their theories.

  • Josef Pieper

    Josef Pieper
    Josef Pieper

    Foreward by Hans Urs von Balthasar Near the end of a long career as one of the most widely read popular Thomistic philosophers of the twentieth century, Josef Pieper has himself compiled an anthology from all his works.

  • The Usefulness of the Useless

    The Usefulness of the Useless
    Nuccio Ordine

    Also included is Abraham Flexner’s 1939 essay “The Usefulness of Useless Knowledge,” which originally prompted Ordine to write this book.

  • ما الذي أؤمن به
    برتراند راسل

    تُرجمت معظم أعمال راسل إلى العربية، ولكن بقيت بعض أشهر مقالاته و أكثرها تأثيراً و قراءة غير متوفرة باللغة العربية. نجمع بعض من هذه …

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