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  • Hegel s Epistemology

    Hegel’s Epistemology
    Kenneth R. Westphal

    Provides a succinct philosophical introduction to Hegel's Phenomenology of Spirit for non-specialists and students, focusing on Hegel's unique and insightful theory of knowledge and its relations to 20th-century epistemology.

  • A Phenomenology of Love and Hate

    A Phenomenology of Love and Hate
    Peter Hadreas

    The work encompasses analysis of philosophers and writers from ancient times through to the present day and examines such episodes as the Oklahoma City Federal Building bombing and the Columbine High School massacre.

  • Becoming Animal

    Becoming Animal
    David Abram

    The shape-shifting of ravens, the erotic nature of gravity, the eloquence of thunder, the pleasures of being edible: all have their place in this book.

  • Needs Values Truth

    Needs, Values, Truth
    David Wiggins

    For this third edition the author has added a new essay on incommensurability, in addition to making minor revisions to the existing text. The volume will stand as a definitive summation of his work in this area.

  • The Fabric of Reality

    The Fabric of Reality
    David Deutsch

    An extraordinary and challenging synthesis of ideas uniting Quantum Theory, and the theories of Computation, Knowledge and Evolution, Deutsch's extraordinary book explores the deep connections between these strands which reveal the fabric …

  • What is Knowledge

    What is Knowledge?
    Jose Ortega y Gasset, Jorge Garcia-Gomez

    Appearing in English for the first time, this book comprises two of Ortega’s most important works, ¿Qué es conocimiento? and the essay “Ideas y creencias.” This is Ortega’s attempt to systematically present the foundations of his …

  • Perceiving God

    Perceiving God
    William P. Alston

    In Perceiving God, William P. Alston offers a clear and provocative account of the epistemology of religious experience.

  • Nemesis Divina

    Nemesis Divina
    Carl von Linné, Michael John Petry

    This is the first English translation of all the relevant manuscript material.

  • Transformative Experience

    Transformative Experience
    Laurie Ann Paul

    Her account of transformative experience holds that part of the value of living authentically is to experience our lives and preferences in whatever ways they evolve.

  • The Poverty of Historicism

    The Poverty of Historicism
    Karl Raimund Popper

    First published in 1986. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

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