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  • Sensing Corporeally

    Sensing Corporeally
    Floyd Merrell

    Focusing on analogical sensing, rather than digital reasoning, Merrell argues that human sensation and cognition should be thought of in terms of continually changing signs that can be accounted for in terms of topological forms.

  • Aspects of Metaphor

    Aspects of Metaphor
    Jaakko Hintikka

    In this volume, authors of some of the most important new approaches re-present their views or illustrate them by means of applications, thus allowing the reader to survey some of the prominent ongoing developments in this field.

  • On Awareness

    On Awareness
    Nicholas J. Pappas

    The reader of this book is invited to enjoy a tasty feast of bite-sized philosophical dialogues.

  • Evidence Matters

    Evidence Matters
    Susan Haack

    How are they to distinguish reliable scientific testimony from unreliable hokum? These interdisciplinary essays explore such questions about science, proof, and truth in the law.

  • Truth and Speech Acts

    Truth and Speech Acts
    Dirk Greimann, Geo Siegwart

    This innovative collection addresses such themes as: the relation between the concept of truth and the success conditions of assertions and kindred speech acts the linguistic devices of expressing the truth of a proposition the relation …

  • Transformative Experience

    Transformative Experience
    Laurie Ann Paul

    Her account of transformative experience holds that part of the value of living authentically is to experience our lives and preferences in whatever ways they evolve.

  • Kuhn s Structure of Scientific Revolutions at Fifty

    Kuhn’s ‘Structure of Scientific Revolutions’ at Fifty
    Robert J. Richards, Lorraine Daston

    The essays in this book exhume important historical context for Kuhn's work, critically analyzing its foundations in twentieth-century science, politics and Kuhn's own intellectual biography.

  • Philosophical and Empirical Approaches to Psychology

    Philosophical and Empirical Approaches to Psychology
    Giuseppe Lo Dico

    This book references and integrates the philosophy of psychology with experimental psychology.

  • Understanding Truth

    Understanding Truth
    Scott Soames

    The author of this text explores the notion of truth and its role in our ordinary thought, as well as in logical philosophical and scientific theories.

  • How the Brain Evolved Language

    How the Brain Evolved Language
    Donald Loritz

    How can an infinite number of sentences be generated from one human mind? How did language evolve in apes? In this book Donald Loritz addresses these and other fundamental and vexing questions about language, cognition, and the human brain.

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