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  • Perception and Action in Medieval Europe

    Perception and Action in Medieval Europe
    Harald Kleinschmidt

    "Study of the changing nature of the perception of an action and the action itself, and how thought-processes altered radically in the Middle Ages"–Provided by publisher.

  • Hume s Enlightenment Tract

    Hume’s Enlightenment Tract
    Stephen Buckle

    Contrary to Hume's wishes, 'An Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding' has long lived in the shadow of its predecessor 'A Treatise of Human Nature'. Stephen Buckle presents the 'Enquiry' in a fresh light.

  • Intuition and Ideality

    Intuition and Ideality
    David Weissman

    This book shows how idealism is a consequence of the intuitionist method.

  • From the Act of Judging to the Sentence

    From the Act of Judging to the Sentence
    Artur Rojszczak

    This book offers a detailed study of the truth-bearers problem, that is, the question of which category of items the predicates ‘true’ and ‘false’ are predicated. The book has two dimensions: historical and systematic.

  • James s Will To Believe Doctrine

    James’s Will-To-Believe Doctrine
    James C.S. Wernham

    In concentrating on a careful analysis of this doctrine of the will-to-believe, Wernham not only makes a major contribution to understanding James's philosophy, but also clarifies issues in the philosophy of religion and in the analysis of …

  • Texts

    Jorge J. E. Gracia

    Provides an ontological characterization of texts, explores the issues raised by the identity of various texts, and presents a view of the function of authors and audiences, and of their relations to texts.

  • Das ethische Gehirn

    Das ethische Gehirn
    Wolfgang Seidel

    Für Wolfgang Seidel gehören biologisch bedingte Veränderungen auch des Gehirns zu den konkreten Erfahrungen aus der medizinischen Forschung und Praxis – wie auch die Erfahrung, dass nicht alle physiologischen Auswirkungen auf den …

  • Epistemological Issues in Classical Chinese Philosophy

    Epistemological Issues in Classical Chinese Philosophy
    Hans Lenk, Gregor Paul

    This book shows that classic Chinese philosophy is as rational as Western approaches dealing with the problems of logic, epistemology, language analysis, and linguistic topics from a philosophical point of view.

  • Knowledge Critical Concepts Volume 1

    Knowledge: Critical Concepts, Volume 1
    Nico Stehr, Reiner Grundmann

    The increasing investment in scientific knowledge, in its production, distribution and reproduction, is acquiring greater social significance.

  • Body Mind and Method

    Body, Mind, and Method
    Donald F. Gustafson, B.L. Tapscott

    Simple seeing. Plain talking. Language in use and persons in action. These are among the themes of Virgil Aldrich's writings, from the 1930's onward.

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