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  • A Daoist Theory of Chinese Thought

    A Daoist Theory of Chinese Thought
    Chad Hansen

    This ambitious book presents a new interpretation of Chinese thought guided both by a philosopher's sense of mystery and by a sound philosophical theory of meaning. That dual goal, Hansen argues, requires a unified translation theory.

  • ├ stliche Weisheitslehren

    ├ľstliche Weisheitslehren
    Peter Grieder

    Peter Grieder war ein begnadeter Kulturvermittler. Eine Schl├╝sselrolle bei seiner T├Ątigkeit nahm die Unterst├╝tzung einer Arbeit ├╝ber das Tibetische Totenbuch ein.

  • Philosophies of India

    Philosophies of India
    Heinrich Zimmer

    The volume is divided into four sections: The introduction places the position of the Buddhist Tantras within Mahayana Buddhism and recalls their early literary history, especially the Guhyasamahatantra; the section also covers Buddhist …

  • Action

    J. Krishnamurti

    He says, Surely true action comes from clarity. When the mind is very clear, unconfused, not contradictory within itself, then action inevitably follows from that clarity.

  • Journey Without Goal

    Journey Without Goal
    Chogyam Trungpa

    Based on the author's talks at Naropa University, this volume introduces the reader to the principles of tantra, based on the practice of meditation, which leads to the discovery of egolessness.

  • Awakening of a Foot Soldier

    Awakening of a Foot Soldier
    John Healey

    Awakening of a Foot Soldier is an enlightening story that shares the vulnerability of a young man and his quest for peace and liberation from the darkness of war.

  • A Buddhist Reader

    A Buddhist Reader
    Henry Clarke Warren

    This much-cited scholarly anthology of key Theravada Buddhist documents originally appeared in 1896 as part of the renowned Harvard Oriental Series.

  • Tao Te Ching

    Tao Te Ching
    Lao Tzu

    This is a most useful, as well as beautiful, volumeÔÇöand what it has to say is exactly what the world, in its present state, needs to hear.

  • Dhammapada

    Narada Thera

    El Dhammapada, literalmente Camino de la Ense├▒anza, es considerado por los especialistas el texto cumbre del budismo.

  • The Disinterested Witness

    The Disinterested Witness
    Bina Gupta

    The Disinterested Witness is a detailed, contextual, and interpretive study of the concept of saksin (or that which directly or immediately perceives) in Advaita Vedanta, and a fascinating and significant comparison of the philosophies of …

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