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  • Where the Blind Horse Sings

    Where the Blind Horse Sings
    Kathy Stevens

    More than anything else, this is a book about love.

  • The Rescue of Belle and Sundance

    The Rescue of Belle and Sundance
    Birgit Stutz, Lawrence Scanlan

    In December 2008, snowmobilers spot two abandoned horses high in the Canadian Rockies.

  • Horse Miracles

    Horse Miracles
    Brad Steiger, Sherry Hansen Steiger

    This book brings to life the steadfast horse-human bond—and shows how horses can change the lives of their riders forever.

  • Mr B and His Horses

    Mr. B and His Horses
    Doreen B.

    I have tried to express how frightening it is for the horse to make adjustments to their new surroundings and the anxiety they go through during the move.

  • Tall Ears and Short Tales

    Tall Ears and Short Tales
    Carol Chapman

    When Carol Chapman sold her home in Connecticut, she soon found herself on one of those roads less traveled and that has made all the difference.

  • Pressure Proof Your Riding

    Pressure Proof Your Riding
    Daniel Stewart

    In this work, author Daniel Stewart explains that the pressure, stress, nerves, distraction, and anxiety come hand in hand with doing what we love to do.

  • The American Paint Horse

    The American Paint Horse
    Glynn W. Haynes

    This book is the first comprehensive history of an admirable American breed of horse that has at last come into its own.

  • Hoof Prints

    Hoof Prints
    Melanie Sue Bowles

    The heartwarming story of Proud Spirit Horse Sanctuary continues with nineteen new stories of rescued horses who have gotten a second chance at life.

  • Clinton Anderson s Downunder Horsemanship

    Clinton Anderson’s Downunder Horsemanship
    Clinton Anderson

    If you have seen his weekly television program, Downunder Horsemanship, then you know that Clinton Anderson's training techniques can achieve amazing results with almost any horse.

  • ABC del Cavaliere il Manuale d Equitazione di Base

    ABC del Cavaliere, il Manuale d’Equitazione di Base
    Brigitte Berner

    L’autrice Brigitte Berner ha dedicato la sua vita al binomio cavallo/cavaliere.

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