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  • Underdogs

    Caryn Casey

    UNDERDOGS Valuable Information and Stories of Transformation is a dance of storytelling and informational pieces designed to describe how dogs really end up in rescues and how to prevent it from happening, even to a well-loved dog.

  • Working Sheep Dogs

    Working Sheep Dogs
    Tully Williams

    Containing the first comprehensive breakdown and analysis of the instincts of the working dog, and discussing the various principles and methods of their breeding, this book is a practical reference for farmers and stockmen, hobby and …

  • Real Dogs Don t Whisper

    Real Dogs Don’t Whisper
    Kelly Preston

    Kelly, Mr. MaGoo, Buffy, Carla Mae, and Betty Boop.

  • What s Your Dog Teaching You

    What’s Your Dog Teaching You?
    Martin McKenna

    In this book he runs through the many lessons dogs can teach us, via colourful anecdotes about hounds and their owners. Be warned! Not everyone is up to the task of learning from their dog.

  • The Miracle of Sam

    The Miracle of Sam
    Michael Harris

    This book is the story of how Sam saved us and how we, in turn, saved him. It is a story of love and adaptability. Please enjoy this look into our lives and the miracle of Sam.

  • Dog Is My Copilot

    Dog Is My Copilot
    Patrick Regan

    Describes the work of Pilots N Paws, an organization of private flyers who transport dogs and other animals to places where they are more like to be adopted, and recounts twenty-four notable flights.

  • Buckley s Story

    Buckley’s Story
    Ingrid King

    This story of a “gimpy” little tortoiseshell cat with a huge heart who changed her human’s life in unexpected ways shows us how pets teach us universal lessons about living a joyful life, how caring for a terminally ill pet can deepen …

  • Wilbur s Story

    Wilbur’s Story
    Lany Williams

    And he doesn't appreciate being named after a pig. Told from the perspective of this mischievous feline, Wilbur's Story follows the tales and adventures of Wilbur as he settles into life with author Lany Williams.

  • Divine Dogs Online

    Divine Dogs Online
    Mychelle Klose

  • Living with the Rescues Life Lessons and Inspirations

    Living with the Rescues: Life Lessons and Inspirations
    Sharon Langford

    Each of the stories prove that as with their human sidekicks, it's not the pedigree that enables these abandoned and neglected individuals to become faithful and congenial companions, it's their souls.

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