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  • From Rescue Shelter to Home Shelter

    From Rescue Shelter to Home Shelter
    Winston D. Munnings

    This is therefore not only a photo storyline about how Patience conned her way into our home, and eventually into our hearts, but also how having her around really changed my point-of-view about Cats.

  • John s Katz

    John’s Katz
    Imogene Pulleine

    The Pulleine family never really cared about pets until they took in a kitten. From then on, the family became all about cats. This is about their cats and their habits under the care of John Pulleine.

  • Caregiver Follow Me

    Caregiver Follow Me
    Patti Putnam

    CAREGIVER FOLLOW ME is a unique book for chief caregivers of Alzheimer's patients living at home. Patti has heard the caregivers' pleas for help and has done something about it.

  • Algonquin Wildlife

    Algonquin Wildlife
    Norm Quinn

    A celebration of the vast array of wildlife studies ongoing in Ontarios very first provincial park.

  • A Tale of Two Kitties

    A Tale of Two Kitties
    Margaret Eppes

    ENTER LILAH. Mom figures if Sam has a kitten to chase around, he will get more exercise and lose a little of that excess poundage. And so he does. And so goes the story."

  • Dog Is My Copilot

    Dog Is My Copilot
    Patrick Regan

    Describes the work of Pilots N Paws, an organization of private flyers who transport dogs and other animals to places where they are more like to be adopted, and recounts twenty-four notable flights.

  • Best Friend Basics Preparing for Years of Companionship

    Best Friend Basics Preparing for Years of Companionship
    S. A. McCracken

    A brief guide to choosing and training your dog or puppy. This is an ideal book to use as a manual for all new dogs and puppies. Great for rescue pet adoptions and questions to ask before adoption.

  • Summer Fun at Grandpa s Farm

    Summer Fun at Grandpa’s Farm
    Sandra Dee Brown

    It was the beginning of summer and Jay was looking forward to going to stay with his cousin, Timberlin, on his grandpa’s farm.

  • The Dingo Debate

    The Dingo Debate
    Bradley Smith

    This book will appeal to anyone with an interest in Australian natural history, wild canids, and the relationship between humans and carnivores.

  • Perritos de las praderas

    Perritos de las praderas
    Christine Bourgun, Andreas Wosch

    Guía práctica para elegir, conocer y cuidar tu perrito de las praderas, y disfrutar con él

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