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  • Scenes and Monologues for Young Actors

    Scenes and Monologues for Young Actors
    Kent R. Brown

    Provides a variety of monologues, scenes, and audition pieces along with tips on interpreting a scene and character portrayal.

  • A History of the Concerto

    A History of the Concerto
    Michael Thomas Roeder

    This guide to the concerto consists of four parts corresponding to the major periods of music-baroque, classical, romantic and 20th century-through which the concerto evolved.

  • Antigone de Jean Anouilh Analyse de l Å uvre

    Antigone de Jean Anouilh (Analyse de l’Å“uvre)
    Alain Sable, René Henri, lePetitLitté,

    Le PetitLitté est reconnu d'intérêt pédagogique par le ministère de l'Éducation. Plus d'informations sur

  • Theatre in the Expanded Field

    Theatre in the Expanded Field
    Alan Read

    Identifying seven ways of exploring the performance field, from pre-history to postdramatic theatre the book presents studies of both contemporary and historical works not as a chronological succession, but in keeping with their coeval …

  • Technical Theater for Nontechnical People

    Technical Theater for Nontechnical People
    Drew Campbell

    This book teaches: Who’s who on a theatrical production team What is needed to know about technical theater and why What to look for when choosing a space for a show How to communicate with lighting, scenery, audio, and costume designers …

  • Shakespeare s Clown

    Shakespeare’s Clown
    David Wiles

    Focusing on the clown Will Kemp, this book shows how Shakespeare and other dramatists wrote specific roles as vehicles for him.

  • The Scene Book

    The Scene Book
    Sandra Scofield

    A treasure-trove of scene-writing wisdom from award-winning author and teacher Sandra Scofield To write a good scene, you have to know the following: • Every scene has an EVENT • Every scene has a FUNCTION in the narrative • Every …

  • Heritage Nostalgia and Modern British Theatre

    Heritage, Nostalgia and Modern British Theatre
    Benjamin Poore

    This book throws new light on works by canonical playwrights like Bond, Edgar, and Churchill, linking theatre to the wider culture at large.

  • L Avaro


    Cura e traduzione di Luigi SquarzinaEdizione integrale con testo francese a fronteQuesta commedia, concepita nel 1668, è indubbiamente fra le più famose di Molière. «L’Avaro, in cui il vizio distrugge ogni pietà che unisce il padre …

  • Sheldon Cheney s Theatre Arts Magazine

    Sheldon Cheney’s Theatre Arts Magazine
    DeAnna M. Toten Beard

    Enriches understanding this critical period in American history and illuminates the major issues of 20th-century theatre and drama.

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