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  • Third Wave Feminism and Television

    Third Wave Feminism and Television
    Merri Lisa Johnson

    Jane Puts It in a Box

  • When Television was Young

    When Television was Young
    Paul Rutherford

    He focuses on three key aspects of the story.

  • MTV s Real World Las Vegas

    MTV’s Real World Las Vegas
    K.M. Squires

    A behind-the-scenes look at the seven strangers who were chosen to live together in a house in Las Vegas, where anything can happen, contains gossip, drama, photographs, interviews, and the participants' original casting appearances.

  • So Anyway

    So, Anyway…
    John Cleese

    Candid and brilliantly funny, this is the story of how a tall, shy youth from Weston-super-Mare went on to become a self-confessed legend.

  • Baring Our Souls

    Baring Our Souls
    Kathleen S. Lowney

    " The only "cure" is to join a therapeutic 12-step group."–BOOK JACKET. "Baring Our Souls probes the roots of the genre in the religion of recovery, and holds both up to the scrutiny of sociological inquiry.

  • Prime Time Animation

    Prime Time Animation
    Carol Stabile

    This fascinating book explores the landscape of television animation, from Bedrock to Springfield, and beyond.

  • Making Television

    Making Television
    Robert J. Thompson, Gary Burns

    This collection of essays on television authorship includes work of some of the most prominent scholars in television studies.

  • Isabel La amante de sus maridos

    Isabel. La amante de sus maridos
    Jaime Peñafiel

    En este libro, Jaime Peñafiel, una de las personas que mejor conoce a Isabel y que la ha seguido desde que llegó a España, nos retrata esa vida intensa, con sus luces y sus sombras, de la que es, sin duda, todo un icono de belleza, moda …

  • Tune In Log On

    Tune In, Log On
    Nancy K. Baym

    Bridging the fields of computer-mediated communication and audience studies, the book shows how verbal and non verbal communicative practices create collaborative interpretations and criticism, group humor, interpersonal relationships, …

  • Reading the Everyday

    Reading the Everyday
    Joe Moran

    In an ever-growing field of study, this is a major contribution to one of the key areas in cultural studies and cultural theory – the spaces, practices and mythologies of our everyday culture.

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