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  • Stop Motion Filming and Performance

    Stop-Motion Filming and Performance
    Tom Brierton

    Just as important as puppet mechanics are lighting, filters, lenses, camera angle and placement, and dramatic pose and movement. This manual is a complete guide to the aesthetics of stop-motion animation.

  • Marionettes at Home

    Marionettes at Home
    C. S. Forester

    In Marionettes at Home, first published in 1936, he shares his experience and enthusiasm for amateur puppeteering and takes the reader step-by-step through the stages of creating one's own theatre; from stage construction and puppet making, …

  • Edward Gorey On Stage

    Edward Gorey On Stage
    CJ Verburg

    Most fans of the artist Edward Gorey know him as the author of lavishly drawn, sparely plotted little books in which hapless characters come to unpleasant ends.

  • Marionette Plays from Northern China

    Marionette Plays from Northern China
    Fan Pen Li Chen

    In this book, Fan Pen Li Chen has collected and translated rare transcriptions of some of the most popular of these plays.

  • Theatre of Wonder

    Theatre of Wonder
    Colleen Josephine Sheehy, Frederick R. Weisman Art Museum

    Chronicles this community theater of Minneapolis as individuals create puppets and exhibit during the annual May Day parade as well as other theater productions.

  • El caballero andante Don Quijote

    El caballero andante Don Quijote
    Juan Catalina Moreno

    Adaptación para títeres o teatro, de tan genial obra literaria de don Miguel de Cervantes, Escrita e interpretada, por Juan Catalina, titiritero, hasta la medula, hacedor de sus propias obras ,tanto en la construcción de los títeres, …

  • Be A Ventriloquist for Fun or Profit

    Be A Ventriloquist for Fun or Profit
    Dan Williams

    Following the 3 simple steps in Be a Ventriloquist for Fun or Profit, people of all ages can learn how to be a Ventriloquist with just a few minutes of practice. You really can be a Ventriloquist!

  • Alfred Jarry Oeuvres

    Alfred Jarry – Oeuvres
    Alfred Jarry

    Ce volume 116 contient les oeuvres d'Alfred Jarry. Alfred Jarry, né à Laval (Mayenne) le 8 septembre 1873 et mort à Paris le 1er novembre 19072, est un poète, romancier, écrivain et dramaturge français.

  • The Eric Crooks Show Book

    The Eric Crooks Show Book
    Erica Crooks

    At Last the hilarious satirical puppet comedy web series " The Eric Crooks Show " as seen on finally gets a book.