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  • Tardes De Cine

    Tardes De Cine
    Ernesto Garratt

    Tardes de cine reúne las entrevistas hechas por el periodista y crítico Ernesto Garratt a catorce directores de la primera línea de la industria fílmica.

  • Claude Sautet

    Claude Sautet
    Sandra Marti

    Essayant toujours d'aller plus loin, expérimentant des variations sur des thèmes qui lui étaient chers, craignant toujours d'en faire dire trop à ses personnages, tout en nuances, Claude Sautet déclara après avoir tourné son dernier …

  • Steven Spielberg and Philosophy

    Steven Spielberg and Philosophy
    Dean Kowalski

    Impressive in scope, this volume illustrates the philosophical tenets of a wide variety of thinkers from Plato to Aquinas, Locke, and Levinas.

  • Start to Finish

    Start to Finish
    Eric Lax

    Eric Lax has been with Woody Allen almost every step of the way. He chronicled Allen's transformation from stand-up comedian to filmmaker in On Being Funny (1975).

  • A Companion to Rainer Werner Fassbinder

    A Companion to Rainer Werner Fassbinder
    Brigitte Peucker

    This is the first of its kind to engage with this important figure. Essays by an international group of scholars consider this controversial director's contribution to German cinema, German history, gender studies, and auteurship.

  • Atrapa el pez dorado

    Atrapa el pez dorado
    David Lynch

    En Atrapa el pez dorado el director de cine David Lynch abre una ventana a su mente y nos muestra su particular forma de crear.

  • Lars von Trier s Women

    Lars von Trier’s Women
    Rex Butler, David Denny

    Using Lacanian psychoanalysis and acknowledging the work of prior scholars on the films, Lars von Trier's Women reveals hidden resources for a renewed 'feminist' politics and social practice.

  • The Cinema of Terrence Malick

    The Cinema of Terrence Malick
    Hannah Patterson

    This updated book continues its explorations of identity, place and existence in his films, with three new essays by Adrian Martin, Mark Cousins and James Morrison on his latest film The New World (2005), as well as analysis of Badlands …

  • The Searchers

    The Searchers
    Arthur M. Eckstein, Peter Lehman

    A series of in-depth examinations of the motion picture many consider to be Hollywood's finest western film.

  • Filming Difference

    Filming Difference
    Daniel Bernardi

    Speaking with critical rigor and creative experience, the contributors to this collection communicate the power of their media.

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