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  • Studies in French Cinema

    Studies in French Cinema
    Will Higbee, Sarah Leahy

    This seminal text is also a tribute to six key figures within the field who have been leaders in research and teaching of French cinema: Jill Forbes, Susan Hayward, Phil Powrie, Keith Reader, Carrie Tarr, and Ginette Vincendeau.

  • The Proust Screenplay

    The Proust Screenplay
    Harold Pinter, Joseph Losey, Barbara Bray

    Presents the author's never-produced screenplay of Proust's "Remembrance of Things Past," created with the collaboration of director Joseph Losey and Proust scholar Barbara Bray over the course of one year in the early 1970s.

  • μ κ΅ μ ν μ μ λ

    μ€‘κ΅­μ˜ν™”μ˜ 였늘

    μ •μ±…, μ‚°μ—…, μž‘ν’ˆμ— λŒ€ν•œ 유기적 뢄석을 λ°”νƒ•μœΌλ‘œ β€˜μ€‘κ΅­μ˜ν™”μ˜ μ˜€λŠ˜β€™μ„ μ†Œκ°œν•œλ‹€ 쀑ꡭ은 21μ„ΈκΈ° λ“€μ–΄ μ˜ν™”λŒ€κ΅­μ˜ 길을 κ±·κ³  μžˆλ‹€. μ˜ν™”μ‹œμž₯, κ·Ήμž₯ 수 λ“± μ˜ν™”μ‚°μ—… λΆ„μ•Όμ—μ„œ 맀년 …

  • Showdown

    John H. Lenihan

    The author examines modern American culture through the lens of the Hollywood western.

  • Sugar Spice and Everything Nice

    Sugar, Spice, and Everything Nice
    Frances K. Gateward, Murray Pomerance

    A provcative, contemporary anthology examining the construction of girls in modern cinema.

  • Singing the Glory Down

    Singing the Glory Down
    William Lynwood Montell

    The editors, William J. Devlin and Shai Biderman, have compiled an impressive list of contributors to explore the philosophy at the core of David Lynch's work.

  • On Hollywood

    On Hollywood
    Allen John Scott

    On Hollywood builds on this work by adding major new empirical elements.

  • Sanctuary Cinema

    Sanctuary Cinema
    Terry Lindvall

    Sanctuary Cinema provides the first history of the origins of the Christian film industry.

  • Modern Mysteries

    Modern Mysteries
    Katie Normington

    A lively account of the modern staging of the medieval mystery plays, richly illustrated with stills and other photographs.

  • Understanding Digital Cinema

    Understanding Digital Cinema
    Charles S. Swartz

    * An overview of digital cinema system requirements * Post production work flow * Color in digital cinema * The digital cinema mastering process * Fundamentals of compression * Security * Basics of audio * Digital distribution * Digital …

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