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  • Jerry Seinfeld

    Jerry Seinfeld
    Josh Levine

    Traces Seinfeld's life, discusses the background of his television program and its relationship to his own experience, and profiles his collaborators and co-stars

  • Because I Tell a Joke Or Two

    Because I Tell a Joke Or Two
    Stephen Wagg

    The collection also includes an interview with the comedian Jo Brand.

  • Monty Python Speaks

    Monty Python Speaks
    David Morgan

    Monty Python, the genius comedy troupe from Britain, single-handedly revolutionized sketch comedy and paved the way for everything from Saturday Night Live to Austin Powers.

  • Shep s Army

    Shep’s Army
    Jean Shepherd

    Shep's Army is the first volume of new Shepherd tales to be published in a quarter century.

  • Thank You for Coming to Hattiesburg

    Thank You for Coming to Hattiesburg
    Todd Barry

    So, instead of all fifty states in a year, my agent booked multiple shows in a lot of states, plus Israel and Canada. Thank You For Coming to Hattiesburg is part tour diary, part travel guide, and part memoir (Yes, memoir.

  • We Need to Talk About Kevin Bridges

    We Need to Talk About . . . Kevin Bridges
    Kevin Bridges

    Is there heartache behind the humour? I wonder if he's a manic-depressive? Tears of a clown? Yes, all of that. Discover the hilarious life-story of one of Britain's best-loved comedians in Kevin Bridges' brilliant memoir.

  • Hollywood Comedians the Film Reader

    Hollywood Comedians, the Film Reader
    Frank Krutnik

    Essays explore a variety of comedy films and comedians, from the silent era to the present day, covering such performers as the Marx Brothers, Buster Keaton, Charlie Chaplin, Lucille Ball, and Jerry Lewis.

  • The Art of Comedy Writing

    The Art of Comedy Writing
    Arthur Asa Berger

    In The Art of Comedy Writing, Arthur Asa Berger argues that there are a relatively limited number of techniques – forty-five in all – that humorists employ.

  • King of Comedy

    King of Comedy
    Shawn Levy

    Shawn Levy's fascinating biography King of Comedy – the product of vast research and interviews with contemporaries, admirers, foes, and even, briefly, Lewis himself – traces the story of a man who defines High American Show Biz.

  • Comics through Time A History of Icons Idols and Ideas 4 volumes

    Comics through Time: A History of Icons, Idols, and Ideas [4 volumes]
    M. Keith Booker

    Focusing especially on American comic books and graphic novels from the 1930s to the present, this massive four-volume work provides a colorful yet authoritative source on the entire history of the comics medium. • Provides historical …

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