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  • Wonder Shows

    Wonder Shows
    Fred Nadis

    The book provides an innovative synthesis of the history of performance with a wider study of culture, science, and religion from the antebellum period to the present.

  • The Pickle Clowns

    The Pickle Clowns
    Joel Schechter

    Members of the beloved clown troupe share their stories, recalling performences with Cirque du Soleil, Circus Flora, and other groups. Simultaneous.

  • Ink from a Circus Press Agent

    Ink from a Circus Press Agent
    Charles H. Day

    Charles H. Day, one of the leading "puffers" of his time, was particularly active between 1872-87, but unlike many of his colleagues, was also published widely in the entertainment newspapers and magazines.

  • The Big Tent

    The Big Tent
    Gregory J. Renoff

    The Big Tent relates the circus experience from the perspectives of its diverse audiences, telling what locals might have seen and done while the show was in town. Renoff digs deeper, too.

  • The Electric Woman

    The Electric Woman
    Tessa Fontaine

    Transformed into an escape artist, a snake charmer, and a high-voltage Electra, Fontaine witnessed the marvels of carnival life: intense camaraderie and heartbreak, the guilty thrill of hard-earned cash exchanged for a peek into the …

  • The Circus Age

    The Circus Age
    Janet M. Davis

    Even today, Davis contends, the influence of the circus continues to resonate in popular representations of gender, race, and the wider world.

  • Homemade Academic Circus

    Homemade Academic Circus
    Camilla Damkjaer

    This book takes its starting point in a rare experiment, that of an academic researcher attempting to learn to do circus.

  • Clowning as Social Performance in Colombia

    Clowning as Social Performance in Colombia
    Barnaby King

    By applying performance theory to clowning in a specific cultural context this is the first work to propose an appropriate scholarly response to the diversity and ingenuity of clowning beyond Europe and North America.

  • From Rags to Ricketts and Other Essays on Circus History

    From Rags to Ricketts and Other Essays on Circus History
    William L. Slout

    "The Great Roman Hippodrome of 1874: P. T. Barnum's 'Crowning Effort'" describes the great showman's grand experiment: the collection and display in the Big Apple of the "largest collection of living wild animals in the world.

  • Circus Queen Tinker Bell

    Circus Queen & Tinker Bell
    Tiny Kline, Janet M. Davis

    A glimpse of day-to-day life under the big top, from one of the circus's most remarkable performers

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