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  • Wonder Shows

    Wonder Shows
    Fred Nadis

    The book provides an innovative synthesis of the history of performance with a wider study of culture, science, and religion from the antebellum period to the present.

  • Secrets of the Sideshows

    Secrets of the Sideshows
    Joe Nickell

    With revealing insight into the personal lives of the men and women billed as freaks, Nickell unfolds the captivating story of the midway show.

  • The Show Must Go On

    The Show Must Go On
    Bernard Ross, Rus Slater

    "running away from home" aged 15 Bernard Ross joined a travelling funfair, this book follows his adventures as one of the last live funfair wrestlers in the UK

  • Joe Blackburn s a Clown s Log

    Joe Blackburn’s a Clown’s Log
    Joe Blackburn, Charles H. Day, William L. Slout

    Joseph Blackburn, a clown who juggled on horseback, took a professional trip to England in 1838, accompanied by the noted American vaulter and bareback rider, Levi J. North.

  • Palhaà os

    Mário Fernando Bolognesi

    Trata-se de um estudo sobre o circo e seus palhaços no Brasil atual.

  • Mà gicas Fantà sticas

    Mágicas Fantásticas
    Robson Campos De Abreu

    O livro Mágicas Fantásticas traz a você amigo leitor diversas mágicas de grande impacto visual e que podem ser construidas facilmente em sua própria casa.

  • Beneath the Big Top

    Beneath the Big Top
    Steve Ward

    He reveals the stories beneath the big top during the golden age of the circus and the lives of circus folk, which were equally colourful outside the ring: ??´ Pablo Fanque, Britain's first black circus proprietor?´ The Chipperfield …

  • Staging the Great Circus Parade

    Staging the Great Circus Parade
    Jim and Donna Peterson

    Revived on a smaller scale in 1980, the parade traveled between Baraboo and Chicago until it returned to Milwaukee in 1985. Each year, it grew in size and scope, gaining national prominence.

  • A Magia Do Circo

    A Magia Do Circo
    Israel Foguel

    O circo tem um conceito lindamente mágico e é por isso que encanta tantos adultos e crianças pelo mundo.

  • The Circensiad

    The Circensiad
    M.E. Meegs, Eugenia Biddle

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