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  • The Writers

    The Writers
    Miranda J. Banks

    Published on the sixtieth anniversary of the formation of the Writers Guild of America, this book tells the story of the triumphs and struggles of these vociferous and contentious hero-makers.

  • Marketing In Creative Industries

    Marketing In Creative Industries
    Gabriele Troilo

    Key features: • A range of detailed international case studies throughout • Offers a unique perspective on marketing in the creative industries Offering invaluable insight into creative and cultural industry marketing, this is an ideal …

  • Entertainment Industry Economics

    Entertainment Industry Economics
    Harold L. Vogel

    This book provides everything a financial analyst of entertainment needs to know of the sector.

  • Menus for Movieland

    Menus for Movieland
    Richard Abel

    Based on extensive original research, Menus for Movieland substantially revises what moviegoing meant in the transition to what we now think of as Hollywood. “As richly packed as an early twentieth-century Sunday newspaper but infinitely …

  • All You Need to Know About the Movie and TV Business

    All You Need to Know About the Movie and TV Business
    Gail Resnik, Scott Trost

    Provides advice on jobs, training, and the pitfalls of the television and movie industry, focusing on breaking into Hollywood

  • Reel Inequality

    Reel Inequality
    Nancy Wang Yuen

    This book not only conveys the harsh realities of racial inequality in Hollywood, but also provides vital insights from actors who have succeeded on their own terms, whether by sidestepping the system or subverting it from within.

  • Booking Performance Tours

    Booking Performance Tours
    Tony Micocci

    Full information on riders, negotiating, documents, taxes, tech, media, and many more essential details is included. Get this book, and hit the road!

  • Acting as a Business

    Acting as a Business
    Brian O’Neil

    It’s packed with practical information–on everything from what to say in a cover letter to where to stand when performing in agent’s office–including: •How to craft a winning theatrical résumé •The most effective ways to join …

  • Actors and Performers Yearbook 2017

    Actors and Performers Yearbook 2017
    Lloyd Trott

    This is an incredibly useful professional tool in an industry where contacts and networking are key to career survival. The listings detailed in this edition have been thoroughly updated alongside fresh advice from industry experts.

  • The Mouse Machine

    The Mouse Machine
    J P. Telotte

    An in-depth discussion of Disney's shift into digital filmmaking with its Pixar partnership and an emphasis on digital special effects in live-action films, such as the Pirates of the Caribbean series, also highlight the studio's historical …

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