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  • American Animated Cartoons of the Vietnam Era

    American Animated Cartoons of the Vietnam Era
    Christopher P. Lehman

    This book discusses the evolution of U.S. animation from militaristic and violent to liberal and pacifist and the role of the Vietnam War in this development.

  • The Art of Frozen

    The Art of Frozen
    Charles Solomon

    The Art of Frozen features concept art from the making of the film—including character studies and sculpts, color scripts, storyboards, and more—alongside interviews with the film's artists about the making of this comedy-adventure. © …

  • Prepare to Board

    Prepare to Board!
    Nancy Beiman

    New to this edition will be a fully developed companion website featuring video tutorials highlighting the creation of animatics, good and bad pitching techniques along with updated images and even more content driven techniques.

  • Tradigital Animate CC

    Tradigital Animate CC
    Stephen Brooks

    This new volume in the series approaches the topic in a different way, giving readers both a practical look at the software, and providing a theoretical understanding of the genre.

  • Animate to Harmony

    Animate to Harmony
    Adam Phillips

    The main text focuses onfeatures that are common across all three programs while "Advanced Techniques" boxes throughout the book elaborate on Pro and Harmony features, appealing to all levels of experience with any of the three main Toon …

  • Animation in Context

    Animation in Context
    Mark Collington

    These are applied to the analysis of a range of animated films and projects from Disney and Animé, to independent artist-filmmakers such as Wendy Tilby, Amanda Forbis and Jerzy Kucia.

  • The Moral Narratives of Hayao Miyazaki

    The Moral Narratives of Hayao Miyazaki
    Eric Reinders

    Widely regarded as Japan’s greatest animated director, Hayao Miyazaki creates films lauded for vibrant characters and meaningful narrative themes.

  • Drawing the Line

    Drawing the Line
    Tom Sito

    However, the fantasy lands animators create bear little resemblance to the conditions under which these artists work.

  • Tim Burton

    Tim Burton
    Johnson Cheu

    This collection of new essays brings together scholarship on many of his popular films, adaptations, and innovations in stop-motion animation and his collaborative relationship with actor Johnny Depp, providing an in-depth exploration of …

  • The Cinema of Mamoru Oshii

    The Cinema of Mamoru Oshii
    Dani Cavallaro

    This book is an analytical survey of Oshii's cinematic works from the early years of his career through his 21st-century productions, including Beautiful Dreamer and the acclaimed Ghost in the Shell.

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