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  • Paediatric Palliative Medicine

    Paediatric Palliative Medicine
    Richard Hain, Satbir Singh Jassal

    A concise and practical guide to caring for children with life-limiting conditions, Paediatric Palliative Care covers the common symptoms and challenging issues healthcare professionals are likely to encounter, and includes a detailed drug …

  • Cancer Clinical Pharmacology

    Cancer Clinical Pharmacology
    Jan H. M. Schellens, Howard L. McLeod, David R. Newell

    Since cancer clinical pharmacology is a vast subject this book will be useful for all individuals involved in cancer pharmacology such as nurses, pharmacists, general pharmacologists, and cancer scientists.

  • Drugs in Palliative Care

    Drugs in Palliative Care
    Andrew Dickman

    Providing an overview of pharmacology and prescribing advice, this second edition contains over 160 drug monographs, presented in an A-Z format.

  • Hospice Care for Children

    Hospice Care for Children
    Ann Armstrong-Dailey, Sarah F. Zarbock

    This book, the first edition of which won the 1993 Pediatric Nursing Book of the Year Award, provides an authoritative source for the many people involved in caring for dying children.

  • Palliative Care for Older People

    Palliative Care for Older People
    Lieve Van Den Block, Gwenda Albers, Bregje Onwuteaka-Philipsen, Sandra Martins Pereira, Roeline Pasman, Luc Deliens

    This book demonstrates the added value of palliative care which, although traditionally focused on cancer and the very end of life, can play a role in strengthening and complementing the care of older people.

  • Hospice and Palliative Care in Southeast Asia

    Hospice and Palliative Care in Southeast Asia
    Michael Wright, Ednin Hamzah, Temsak Phungrassami, Agnes Bausa-Claudio

    This book provides a thorough evidence-base for palliative care provision in the countries of Malaysia, Thailand and the Philippines.

  • Compassion

    Philip J. Larkin

    This book is relevant to a multidisciplinary audience of palliative care practitioners, including undergraduate and graduate students in sociology, psychology and theology, and healthcare professionals in oncology and gerontology.

  • The Nature of Suffering and the Goals of Medicine

    The Nature of Suffering and the Goals of Medicine
    Eric J. Cassell

    This is a revised and expanded edtion of a classic in palliative medicine, originally published in 1991.

  • Gerontology for the Health Care Professional

    Gerontology for the Health Care Professional
    Regula Robnett, Walter Chop

    This text is clinically relevant while implementing theoretical treatment of the subject matter.

  • Dignity Therapy

    Dignity Therapy
    Harvey Max Chochinov

    With history and foundations of dignity in care, and step by step guidance for readers interested in implementing the program, this volume illuminates how dignity therapy can change end-of-life experience for those about to die – and for …

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